How to Choose Grout for Your Handmade Tile

How to Choose Grout for Your Handmade Tile

You’ve done the hard part of choosing the tile of your dreams so deciding on grout should be easy, right? Sometimes. What seems like an easy decision can drastically impact your tile and overall space. Here’s our complete guide to grout that will help you choose the correct grout based on your tile to create the space of your dreams. Continue reading to find out the 6 ways on how to choose grout for your handmade tile!

Things to Consider

1. Sealing

We strongly recommend our tile is sealed with any penetrating sealer, such as Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold, before it is grouted. This will keep the tile from staining and will make cleaning much easier. You can test your tile to make sure it is sealed by conducting a water drop test. Splash some water on your tile and if it beads off cleanly and doesn’t absorb into the tile, your tile is good to go!

2. Brand

The main differences between grouts are pricing and quality. We recommend a higher quality, yet still reasonable-priced product called Laticrete Permacolor Select sanded grout. This is a two-part mixture that doesn't require sealing, whereas most other sanded grouts do. It withstands up to 500 degrees and is super durable and easy-to-use. 

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1. Match it up - Light on Light

Both timeless and classic, this look will make your tile automatically elegant. Matching your bright white tile with a bright white grout creates a statement that's posh and polished. We recommend this soft look when you want the tile to seamlessly fit into the rest of your space. For example, if you have statement cabinets or statement brass hardware, consider choosing a grout where you won't be overwhelmed by hundreds of small grout lines.

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White Bubble Tile with White grout

White Tile with White Grout
Top: 3"x8" Subway Tile and Bubbles - 11 Deco White. Grout - 381 Bright White.
Bottom Left: 1"x2"s - 11 Deco White, 130 White, 77E Grey. Grout - 381 Bright White.
Bottom Right: Medium Diamonds - 11 Deco White. Photo by NS Builders. Grout - 381 Bright White.

2. Match it up - Dark on Dark

The same concept as light tile with light grout, perfectly matching your dark tile with dark grout will create a dramatic and moody statement. This is one of our favorite concepts because we are all for being bold when it comes to tile. we suggest playing with different glaze finishes when matching dark tile with dark grout because it adds an extra element of depth into the design.

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Black Moroccan Fish Scales with Black Grout

Dark Tile with Dark GroutTop: Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 366 Satin Black, 613 Black. Photo by The Roxy Hotel NYC.
Bottom Left: Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 155 Steel. Grout - 370 Dove.
Bottom Right: 2"x6" Herringbone - 28 Everglades. Photo by Joinery and Design Co.

3. Contrast - Dark with Light

When you want your tile to be the star of the show, contrasting your dark tile with a bright white grout is the way to go. We love making a statement with tile so the more we can make it pop, the better. For this concept we recommend letting your tile be the focal point in your design so it's not too distracting to the eye. Perfect for a dramatic bar nook, this trend will leave your guests with tile envy.

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Black Moroccan Fish Scales with White grout

Dark Tile with Light GroutTop: Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 366 Satin Black613 Black. Grout - 381 Bright White.
Bottom Left: Small Squares & Bricks - 65W Amber112 Saddle Clove1673 Espresso, 906R Burnt Sugar. Photo by Chelsie Lopez ProductionsGrout - 381 Bright White.
Bottom Right: 3"x 6" Subway Tile - 21W Cobalt. Photo by @Normalmannn. Grout - 381 Bright White.

4. Contrast - Light with Dark

Pairing bright white tile with dark grout is a new trend that we can't get enough of. When dark grout is used with light tile, the patterns of the tile start to create a bolder aesthetic for your overall design. We pride ourselves in unique patterns and designs so we love when the grout lines show them off. 

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White Moroccan Fish Scales with Dark Grout

Light Tile with Dark Grout
Top: Large Moroccan Fish Scales - Custom Color. Photo by @communalplace
Bottom Left: Small Penny Rounds - 130 White, 11 Deco White. Photo by Araya Jensen. Grout - 145 Light Smoke.
Bottom Right: 2"x6" Subway Tile - 11 Deco White, 130 White. Photo by Cambria. Grout - 165 Delorean Gray.

5. Keep it Neutral

Not ready to take a risk with a stark contrast or perfectly matching grout? No worries! That's where neutral grouts come in. They've withstood the test of time and have proven to be trust-worthy options for any type of tile. When it comes to choosing your neutral grout, consider the undertones of your tile. If your tile is warm, choose a warm grout and vice-versa.

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Hexagon Floor Tile with Neutral Grout

Neutral Grout
Top: Small Hexagons - 815W Light Grey, 220 Sooty Grey, 912R Cloudy Sky. Photo by Chelsie Lopez Production. Grout - 165 Delorean Gray.
Bottom Left: Small Craftsman Squares - 123R Patina. Grout - 105 Earth.
Bottom Right: Geo-Hex Pattern - 913 Old Copper. Grout - 165 Delorean Gray.

6. Be Intentional

We totally get it - there's hundreds of factors that come into play when choosing the perfect grout. Cabinetry, countertops, hardware, flooring are all things to be considered. The most important thing to remember when choosing your grout is to be intentional and remember how big of a difference it can make within your space. We believe in helping our clients all the way through their install process. Our design team will help you figure out the perfect grout for your space. Not sure what will look best? Just ask!

Large Diamonds - 613 BlackLarge Diamonds - 366 Satin Black Photo by Workroom C

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