Handmade Tile Variation: A Guide to Our Glazes

Handmade Tile Variation: A Guide to Our Glazes

When you order a sample pack from Mercury Mosaics, you’re only seeing a microcosm of any given glaze – one representative of a bigger group. This is because different glazes have different variations, which is a result of our unique method for applying glazes. While most widely available tile is dipped in glaze by machine, our ceramic tile is hand-brushed by our team of artists, which brings a unique character and quality to each and every piece. Here, we discuss the range of variations that make our handmade tile distinctive – from high variation, medium-high variation, medium variation and low variation. 

1. High Variation

High variation is exactly as it sounds: It refers to tile that has a wide range of shades and hues. Some colors have vast personalities that lend themselves best to high variation glazes. This method means no two tiles are exactly the same, while the brushstrokes add texture to each and every piece. The result is a more naturalistic surface. 

For more on our glaze variation, visit our blog "A Complete Guide to Handmade Tile Variation"

High Variation TileUpper Left: 2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 130 White. Photography - Mayne Marketing
Upper Right: Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 28 Everglades Photography and Design - Alexa.at.home
Bottom: 2"x6" Herringbone Tile - 123R Patina
Interior Design & Photography - Bari J. Ackerman 

2. Medium-High Variation

For a somewhat more consistent color range, we offer medium-high variation glazes. The textures may be toned back, but there is an unmistakable handcrafted quality. 

To see more monochromatic projects, visit our blog "Tile Color Inspiration: Single Hued Projects"

Medium High Variation TileUpper Left: Medium Moroccan Fish Scales- 1015E Caribbean Blue.
Photography - Born Imagery
Upper Right: Large Hexagons - 96 Chestnut
Interior Design - Emily PueringerPhotography - Rubinski VisualInstallation - Quality Cut Design | Remodel
Bottom: Medium Diamonds - 75 Emerald
Interior Design - Emily Pueringer of Quality Cut Design | Remodel
Photography - Alyssa Lee 

3. Medium Variation

Medium variation provides a subtler effect. The results are a bit more predictable, but striking nonetheless. We think a medium variation works best when you have more than 20 square feet of tile, because it allows the personality of the color to really shine.

To see our step by step process, visit our blog "Handmade Artisan Tile: Step by Step Process"

Medium Variation Tile
Upper Left: 205 Cider - Geo-Star
Upper Right: 
Large Hexagons & Custom Planters - 958 Rainforest
Bottom: 3″x8″ Subway Tile – 12W Blue Bell Photography by Marissa Cramer

4. Low Variation

Sometimes uniformity can make a powerful statement. When your design vision requires vivid colors, unobtrusive neutrals, or stark contrast, our low variation glazes provide the perfect palette.  

To learn more about the intricacies of handmade tile, visit our blog "The Perfection of the Imperfection of Handmade Tile"

Low Variation TileUpper Left: Large Craftsman Squares - 366 Satin Black at The Minne Stuga
Construction - Taiga Design Build Design and Photography - Melissa Coleman
Upper Right: 
Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 24 Dandelion
Design - Down 2 Earth Interior DesignPhotography - Rebecca McAlpin
Bottom: Medium Diamonds in Chevron Pattern – 11 Deco White
Design - Surfside Home Co. Photography - Pura Soul Photography 

As you play with colors and patterns for your interior, keep in mind how variation plays its part. But if you’re looking for an expert opinion, we can help you out: Contact us today, and let’s get started. 

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