Guide to Tile Finishing Pieces: Adding Style to Your Tile

Guide to Tile Finishing Pieces: Adding Style to Your Tile
You’ve locked in your measurements, chosen your tile shape and fell in love with a glaze color. You're almost there but instead of going straight for the finish line, we urge you to take a deeper dive into tile finishing pieces with us. Tile trim can drastically change the look of your tile. A simple backsplash can go from drab to fab in a matter of moments with a gorgeous trim border. That's why we put together a list of projects from shower niches to kitchen backsplashes to help spark your tile trim journey that might add even more beauty to your space.

1. Shower Niche Tile Transition

If you're renovating a shower and including a shower niche then you've come to the right place! This shower niche shows that tile trim can be both functional and beautifully decorative. The V-Caps in the same glaze as the rest of the shower serve their purpose by flawlessly covering the 90° angles of the niche. Cozied up next to the V-Caps are Pencil Liners in a contrasting finish 366 Satin Black. These Pencil Liners in addition to the V-Caps add architectural depth and a trendy touch to the overall shower.

For more shower niche ideas, visit our blog "6 Niche Ideas for Chic Shower Shelving"

Shower Niche Trim Transition

2. Bathroom Waincoting Tile Trim

Another project that shows off all the beauty tile trim has to offer is this gorgeous Mid-Century Modern glossy green and white ensuite bathroom. Featuring Cove Base, Bullnose, Pencil Liners and Chair Rails, this bathroom takes the prize for the most creative use of tile finishing pieces. We love the application tile wainscoting around this bathroom. The contrast of the emerald green decorative tile with the glossy white subway shows off the trim's beauty and function.

For more examples of tile wainscoting, visit our blog "Tiled Wainscoting: Splash-Proof Tiled Bathroom Ideas"

Bathroom Tile Trim Examples
Bathroom Floor: Custom Mosaic: 1"x1" - Custom Color, 1"x3" - 11 Deco White, 75 Emerald
Shower Floor: Small Squares & Bricks: 2"x2" Stacked - 75 Emerald
Trim: 3"x6" Bullnose, Chair Rail, Pencil Liner, Cove Base - 75 Emerald
Photography by Sage E Imagery
Styling by Creekwood Hill

3. Cove Base Bathroom Floor

Cove base trim is most often used to seamlessly transition from wall tile to floor. This specific finishing piece is the best of both worlds: visually appealing and utilitarian. When used in a shower or bathroom, it keeps the walls and flooring underneath the tile safe from water damage. For this particular shower, we love how the designer used Cove Base for the border of the bathroom and a Flat Liner & Bullnose combination for the shower step. These details may seem small but they add to the overall luxury look of the space.

For more luxurious bathrooms, visit our blog "Handmade Tile Trend: Luxe Style

DeRusha Bathroom Tile Trim3"x6" Subway Tile, 3"x6" Bullnose, Cove Base - 1036W Bluegrass
Victorian Pattern - 366 Satin Black1036W Bluegrass958 Rainforest28 Everglades901E Evening Shadow.
Interior Design by Construction2Style
Photography by Emily John Photography.

4. Kitchen Stove Splash Trim

One of our favorite ways to use trim in the kitchen is by surrounding your stove splash. Typically, trim is used to transition from one tile pattern or shape to something else. That could be anything from another tile shape or pattern, wallpaper, paint, or whatever your design eye imagines. In this case, the designer transitions from a Diamond stove splash to a Subway tile backsplash with trendy Flat Liners. For a more ornate or decorative option, consider Chair Rails for your stove splash transition.

For more stove splash inspiration, visit our blog "5 Stunning Stove Splashes Your Kitchen Needs"

Tile Flat Liners Stove Splash ExampleMedium Diamonds - Eichler Blend
3”x6” Subway Tile & Flat Liners - 11 Deco White
Interior Design & Photography - Emily Pueringer

5. Edge Glazed Workplace Mural

If you aren't into the idea of finishing pieces then look no further than organic edging with edge glazed tile. This option gives your tile a life of its own by naturally transitioning the tile into the rest of the room. If organic edging is something you're interested in, be sure to inquire about edge glazing. This way the exposed part of your tile will be just as beautiful as the rest.

For more organic edging ideas, visit out blog "Creative Tile Finishing Ideas with Organic Edging"

Edge Glazing Tile Example
Photography by Sage E Imagery
Styling by Creekwood Hill
We can't wait to assist your tile trim journey. Which tile finishing piece below catches your eye? Head over to our Contact Us page to let us know!

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