Fall in Love with Trendy Pink Ceramic Tile

Fall in Love with Trendy Pink Ceramic Tile

Pink tile is taking over in the design world and we are so here for it. From pink bathrooms to pink kitchens and even pink workplaces, we want to dress everything up in this trendy color. So in honor of Valentine's day, we want to show off some of our favorite pink projects and debut our two new pink glazes: 54 Dusty Rose and 904 Sunstone.

54 Dusty Rose vs. 904 Sunstone

Officially earning their places on our curated color palette are 54 Dusty Rose and 904 Sunstone904 Sunstone, pictured on the left, is named after an iridescent gemstone known for its positive and bright energy. This glaze is a warm coral pink with a glossy crackle finish and medium variation. Sunstone's cooler cousin, 54 Dusty Rose is pictured to the right. This glaze offers a gorgeous mauve light pink with cool tones in a glossy finish with medium variation. 

To browse more glaze colors, visit our color palette!

904 Sunstone and 54 Dusty Rose

A Pink Workplace Moment

Pink bathrooms and pink kitchens are all the rage, but wanted to take it a step further and incorporate trendy pink tile into our new workplace design. As you open the doors to our Design Studio, you'll be delightfully greeted by this gorgeous two walled, organic ombréd, warm toned backsplash. At the top of this kitchenette backsplash, our 54 Dusty Rose makes its debut into the tile world. This powdery mauve tile with cool undertones and a glossy finish is sure to transform your next pink project.

For more workplace design ideas, visit our blog "7 Workplace Designs Making a Statement with Tile"

Custom Pink Design Studio Backsplash

In Progress: Pink Plant Penthouse 

We wanted to give you a sneak pea(n)k of this gorgeous custom mural that's fresh off the press.  This project was in collaboration with Shayla Owodunni of The Plant Penthouse. She's on a journey to help others with anything from interior styling moments to plant parenting support to lifestyle behind-the-scenes. She says that "The Plant Penthouse is your residence for a vibrantly styled life." We love it. So what better way to welcome a vibrantly styled life than with a pink tile mural and custom tile planters!  

To learn more about our Custom Tile Planters, visit our blog "6 Ceramic Tile Planter Ideas"

Plant Penthouse Pink Tile Sneak Peak

4"x8" Subway Tile and Planters Stacked - 301 Marshmallow, 54 Dusty Rose, 47 Vermont Pine, Custom Colors.

Pink Herringbone Backsplash

We couldn't resist adding this stunning workplace pink backsplash to the mix. We are all for an all pink backsplash and the amazing team at The Coven. This custom, hand cut mosaic is a true showstopper. From the pale pink ceramic herringbone tile, to the hand drawn custom lettering, to the original architectural arch that frames the design, this installation by Aurora Tile Works is truly impressive.

To learn more about this incredible community space, visit The Coven.

Pink Herringbone Tile Backsplash
Interior Design by Studio BV at The Coven Photography by Gaffer Photography Installation by Aurora Tile Works

A Pop of Pink

Maybe you're not totally sold on an all pink project? We get it. Pink is a color with a big personality. Luckily, a pop of pink is just as gorgeous and impactful. Pictured below are a few of our favorite blends and ombrés incorporating different pink glazes. We want to help you figure out what your perfect pink blend looks like. Try out our Blends By You blend making tool and let us know what your pop of pink looks like!

For more on how to add a pop of warmth, visit our blog "5 Ways to Implement the Perfect Pop of Warmth with Tile"

Pop of Pink Tile Backsplashes
Bottom:  Medium Diamonds - 613 Black130 White, Custom Colors. Interior Design and Photography - @slay_at_home.

Feeling inspired? Let's get this tile fired.

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