Emerald Green Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

Emerald Green Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

Say goodbye to the days of an all white kitchen trend and hello to a bold, dynamic and colorful design. This kitchen design by Alexis Pawling Interiors is everything we love in a kitchen - a colorful island, bright cabinetry, and of course handmade tile. Continue reading to see how these emerald green Hexagon beauties transformed this kitchen into an eye-catching space...

The Shape

While in the past it was hip to be square, now it’s hip to be hex! Hexagons are making a big come up in the design world and for good reason. These 6-sided shapes are are sleek, sophisticated and trendy. Available in large and small formats, we suggest these geometric beauties as an alternative to a classic Subway Tile.

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Photography - Randy Kowlessar
Large Hexagon - 47 Vermont Pine 

The Color

Although we adore Large Hexagons in any color, we’ve been seeing these 6-sided beauties flawlessly executed time after time in jewel tones. For this interior trend, think luscious emeralds, deep teals and sapphire blues. We suggest going with a glossy finish - the shinier, the better. It will make these jewel colors dazzle like they were meant to. Some of our favorite jewel toned glazes are 47 Vermont Pine, 1036W Bluegrass and 958 Rainforest.

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Top: Large Hexagons - 958 Rainforest
Bottom Left: Large Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass
Bottom Right: Large Hexagons - 47 Vermont Pine

The Kitchen

Alexis Pawling Interiors created an unconventional yet beautiful look using our Large Hexagons in 47 Vermont Pine. Her clients didn’t want a white kitchen, instead hey wanted a transitional kitchen that represented their young family of four. The navy blue island, white cabinetry and illuminating green tile make this kitchen a sure show stopper.

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Photography - Envision Photography
Large Hexagons - 47 Vermont Pine 

The Bar

Although we love a completely gutted and renovated project, we understand that sometimes it may not be an option. A project that will save you time and money is to doll up your bar are. A bar is the perfect place for a dramatic backsplash that doesn’t necessarily have to match the rest of the kitchen.

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Photography - Envision Photography
Large Hexagons - 47 Vermont Pine 

Feeling Inspired?

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