Designer Spotlight: Abigail Marcelo Horace Behind the Brooklyn Townhouse Kitchen

Designer Spotlight: Abigail Marcelo Horace Behind the Brooklyn Townhouse Kitchen

Abigail Marcelo Horace of Casa Marcelo is true visionary in the interior design world. We instantly fell in love with Abigail's laid back yet luxurious style but we were also inspired by her passion for facilitating conversations surrounding diversity within the workplace. Three years later, Abigail is making waves in the design world in her new studio space in Salisbury, CT and we are so excited to feature our handmade tiles in her newest project - the Brooklyn Townhouse Kitchen. Continue reading to get the inside scoop behind this gorgeous space and learn more about Abigail's design process!

Abigail Marcelo Horace of Casa Marcelo

Abigail is on a mission to bring wellness to her clients through the intentionality of her designs. As a busy businesswoman, wife, and mother, she understands the true impact of a peaceful and well-designed environment. When we asked Abigail why she ventured out from her previous design firm to start Casa Marcelo in 2018, the answer was simple - she wanted to enjoy designing again, be creatively challenged, and have the flexibility to spend time with her family. 

We wanted to learn more about what philosophies guide her as an interior designer and how they influence her work.

"I truly believe in a work/life balance. Because I worked so hard in my career, I know exactly how it feels to come back home to your safe space, especially a well-designed safe space. It helps restore you from the workday, ease your stress, and offer you peace. Most of my clients are in executive roles at their jobs, so they really need a place to unwind from the workplace. I try to also understand what they like to do outside of work so I can design their spaces around the things they love."

Learn more about Abigail's journey on her site.

Interior Designer Abigail Marcelo Horace
Photo from Casa Marcelo.

The Vision of the Space

Nurturing her clients’ passions and offering safe spaces from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives is an important piece of Abigail's design journey. We adore that we can see the intentionality and meticulous detail she brings to this project from the very beginning. This digital rendering of the Brooklyn Townhouse kitchen is a breath of fresh air from the contrasting two-toned cabinetry, peaceful teal subway tile and a gorgeous geometric floor.

We know Abigail inspires people through her gorgeous designs, so we wanted to ask about what inspires her as a designer.

"My clients genuinely inspire me. I love getting to know people and their families, understanding who they are. There is a lot of psychology behind Design and you really have to love working with people to an extent. I’m a natural traveler and love to meet new people when I’m in different countries. It’s a skill of mine, so I really hone in on it when working with my clients. I learn what their hobbies are, where they’ve traveled that has made an impact on them forever, what kind of music they’re into, etc. so I can get a well-rounded sense of who they are."

For more inspiring spaces design by Casa Marcelo visit their portfolio.

Casa Marcello Kitchen RenderingDigital Rendering from Casa Marcelo.

Tropical Costa Rica Tile

This past year as green kitchens have taken over in the design world, we've been firm in the belief that green is the new neutral. We adore Abigail's fresh take on the classic green kitchen by adding cool rich, tones and geometric patterns to the design. Our 2"x6" Subway Tile in 1016 Costa Rica was a match made in heaven for this design. The deep teal variation of this tropical tile color perfectly compliments the two-toned cabinetry while the vertical format casually lifts the eye to the ceiling, making the space appear more grandiose. 

It's clear that every inch of this space was intentional so we wanted to hear Abigail's thoughts on how everything pieced together.

"I was so excited that my client was willing to be bold in the Brooklyn Townhouse project. I love to work up unique palettes, and she was very supportive of the bold decisions we offered. We wanted a vibrant color on the cabinets, and we wanted an inspiring color on the backsplash, while still keeping in the style of the home and a touch of modern. The client is from Panama, so it was only natural we chose the tile named ‘Costa Rica’."

For more ways to get creative with subway tile, visit our blog "6 Creative Patterns for Classic Subway Tile"

2"x6" Costa Rica Subway Tile2"x6" Subway Tile - 1016 Costa Rica

A Jaw-Dropping Before and After

It's not everyday that we see a before and after as jaw-dropping as this one. This transformation is more proof that a well-planned and meticulous design will totally elevate your space. The glossy teal tile that Abigail chose flawlessly elevated this kitchen design. With this in mind we wanted to know, as an interior designer, what tips she has for anyone looking to enhance their space with tile.

"Don’t be afraid to be bold and be you! So many of my clients ask me to design for resale value, but I say, let’s design for YOU. What do you like? At whatever point a new owner may come into the picture, they can choose their own finishes, but let’s use our skill in design to create something new and interesting for YOU. Even if some of your kitchens/baths are a little more digestible, get creative in the primary bath or the powder room, something that is fun and inspiring to you."

To see more from this project, visit the Brooklyn Townhouse Kitchen Gallery.

Casa Marcelo Before And After
2"x6" Subway Tile - 1016 Costa Rica
Interior Design by Casa Marcelo
Photography by Nick Glimenakis

More to Adore

Behind an inspiring space, there's always an inspiring designer who deserves to be in the limelight. We are so grateful that Abigail of Casa Marcelo and Mercury Mosaics paths crossed when they did. Not only do we adore her meticulous design eye and peacefully chic style, but we applaud Abigail's mission of designing with YOU in mind to create a personalized result that the client loves. Whether it's designing a backsplash or a whole kitchen, creating meaningful relationships with homeowners to instill confidence from start to finish is something we will always cherish.

With the Brooklyn Townhouse kitchen being one for the books, we wanted to know what the next big thing for Casa Marcelo is.

"Philanthropically, I have always wanted to give back to my community in a big way. I used to go on mission’s trips to Mexico as a young girl, helping at a local orphanage. I always dreamed of going back to help them renovate their spaces, making them inspiring for children. Whatever I do, I know that I will give back in some way to organizations who support children, or educational programs, as I have always believed that if you’re inspired as a kid, you can literally do anything you put your mind to. Exposure is everything and I also think if I am involved I can show children who look like me that there is a path to design, if they’re interested! I hope this is something we can tackle in the next 5 years."

To view more of Casa Marcelo's work, visit their online portfolio. 

2"x6" Costa Rica Subway Kitchen

2"x6" Costa Rica Subway Kitchen

Casa Marcelo 2"x6" Costa Rica Tiled Window2"x6" Subway Tile - 1016 Costa Rica
Interior Design by Casa Marcelo
Photography by Nick Glimenakis

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