Chevron Tile: A Different Kind of Diamond Pattern

Chevron Tile: A Different Kind of Diamond Pattern

The gorgeous design of our diamond tile makes creating different patterns easy. A pattern that we adore using diamond tile is the v-shaped chevron pattern! This classic pattern dates back to the Bronze Age where it was found in old pottery designs, making it truly timeless. You can dress this pattern up with stunning colors or keep it simple and sleek. Continue reading to see our favorite chevron patterns and other ways you can dazzle your friends with diamonds!

1. Scandi Chevron Shower 

First on the list is this Scandinavian style statement backsplash! When designing a Scandi space, minimalism and soft hues are important factors to keep in mind. The all white bathroom has a cozy feel and the chevron tiled backsplash creates the perfect subtle statement piece. 

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White Chevron Tiled Backsplash

Medium Diamonds in Chevron Pattern - 11 Deco White
Interior Design by Surfside Home Co
Photography by Stetten Wilson

2. Luxurious Ombre Bar

Luxurious, moody, and modern are just a few ways to describe this dazzling bar backsplash. Chevron is a dynamic pattern that adds the perfect modern touch to any space, and Str8Modern did just that with this bar! The mix of glossy, satin, and metallic finishes brings in the perfect amount of texture and personality. The ombre design is the cherry on top! 

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Chevron Tiled Bar Backsplash

Medium Diamonds155 Steel, 366 Satin Black, 613 Black
Interior Design by Str8Modern
Photography by Alyssa Lee Photography
Lighting by Hennepin Made

3. Colorful Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchens are a great place to play around with color. Whether it's colorful cabinets, backsplashes, and finishes or having the backsplash bring in a pop of color, the choice is yours. We love how this colorful chevron pattern backsplash stands out but has accents of white to tie into the rest of the space. Chevron patterns also add a touch of movement making the backsplash truly pop.

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Colorful Chevron Kitchen Backsplash

Medium Diamonds - 11 Deco White, 18 Bright Blue, Custom Colors
Interior Design by Construction2Style
Photography by Samantha Cater Photography

4. Patterns with Color

Our diamond tile is so versatile, we had to share other ways you can make patterns with this tile shape! Playing around with color and orientation of the diamond tile can create gorgeous patterns within a design. The dandelion tile creates the illusion of a border while the dark blue tiles make little heart shapes. Plus, we love how this cafe uses both medium and large diamond tiles!

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Diamond Tiled Cafe

Bar Area: Medium Diamonds - 60 Silver Lining, 18 Bright Blue, 45R My Blue Heaven, 21 Navy, 11 Deco White, 24 Dandelion
Walls: Large Diamonds - 11 Deco White, 60 Silver Lining, 24 Dandelion, 45R My Blue Heaven, 18 Bright Blue, Accent: 366 Satin Black
Interior Design by JDD Studio

5. Mixing Tile Shapes

Mixing tile shapes not only creates a unique pattern, it creates a mosaic masterpiece. Take a look at how combining 2 large hexagon tiles and 6 medium diamond tiles can make a star shape. This is our signature pattern called Geo-Star Pattern. If you want to dress this pattern up, make the star shapes pop! You can choose a different color for the diamond tiles while keeping the hexagon more neutral. The possibilities are endless!

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Geo-Star Tiled Stove Splash

Geo-Star Pattern - 1036W Bluegrass
Interior Design by Freestone Design
Photography by CassiHise Photography

6. Classic Custom River Design

One of our fan favorite custom designs happens to be full of diamond tiles and character. This is the 'river' motif design! This design, often with an ombre effect, is all about color palette and the ability to create a strong or subtle statement. The river below is bold and modern while blending in perfectly with the rest of the space. The satin black background lets the glossy and metallic river shine, making it the star of the show! 

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Diamond Tiled Ombre Backsplash

Medium Diamonds - 366 Satin Black, 613 Black, 60 Silver Lining, 77E Grey, 11 Deco White, 155 Steel

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