Bullnose Tile: A Complete Guide

Bullnose Tile: A Complete Guide

If you want to elevate the look of your tile project, think about using a finishing tile trim like the popular bullnose tile! Bullnose tile trim is one of the most diverse trim options you can find. This tiled trim has a round edge that creates a smooth way for your tile pattern to end. From floors to backsplashes and even showers, this beloved tile trim can be used in a multitude of ways to make your tile project look perfect. Here are 6 bathroom projects that show off just how useful this tile trim is. 

1. Bohemian Bullnose Tile Bathroom

Bathrooms are the perfect place to play around with tile, so completing the space with tile bullnose is the way to go. In this beautiful bohemian bathroom, bullnose trim is used to create a flawless transition from the floral wallpaper to the tiled shower. The curved edge of this trim piece softens the transition of wallpaper to tile, making it an ideal choice for those who love a more maximalist look. By using a more rounded edge instead of the typical sharp edge of a tile piece, it blends the two elements together better. 

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Bohemian Tiled Bathroom
 3"x6" Subway Tile, Bullnose, Cove Base - 1036W Bluegrass
London Pattern - 366 Satin Black, 1036W Bluegrass, 958 Rainforest, 28 Everglades, 901E Evening Shadow
Interior Design - Construction2Style
Photography - Emily Johnson

2. Decorative Bullnose Trim

Tile trim is functional and can also be a stand out piece of a tile design. This Mid-Century Modern bathroom takes the prize for most decorative and beautiful use of tile trim. By using a different glaze color for your tile trim, it will bring an artistic look to your bathroom while still looking cohesive with the rest of the tile. Bullnose tile trim is used to cover the corners of the shower entrance while adding a decorative element as well.   

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Decorative Bathroom with Tile Trim Finishings
Bathroom Floor: Custom Mosaic: 1"x1" - Custom Color, 1"x3" - 11 Deco White, 75 Emerald
Shower Floor: Small Squares & Bricks: 2"x2" Stacked - 75 Emerald
Trim: 3"x6" Bullnose, Chair Rail, Pencil Liner, Cove Base - 75 Emerald
Photography - Sage E Imagery
Styling by Creekwood Hill

3. Classic Shower Niche

One of the most popular ways to use bullnose tile trim is in a shower niche. Shower niches are a useful shower feature that provides you a place to keep your soaps, creams, and decor without adding bulky storage organizers. The bullnose tile is arranged on the sides of the shower niche with the rounded edge creating a seamless transition between the tile and niche, especially when working with subway tile. Planning a bathroom project with a niche and want more guidance? Feel free to contact us

For more info on shower niches, visit our blog “How to Plan for Your Bathroom Niche

Subway Tile Shower Niche with Bullnose Tile Trim

Bullnose and 4”x4” Subway Tile - 77E Grey
Interior Design - Yond Interiors
Photography - Amanda Birnie

4. Complimentary Shower Niche

Sticking with the shower niche theme, here’s a fun example of how the bullnose shower tile looks with two different shapes. This luxe shower is adorned with large moroccan fish scales in an ombre pattern which continues into both shower niches in a gorgeous complimentary way. This client went for a white 3”x6” bullnose tile trim and 6”x6” subway tile to line the sides of these niches which adds subtle contrast while still complimenting the overall look of the shower design. The two tile shapes work so well together and we cannot get enough of it! 

 To see this shower plus more, visit our blog “Multi-Room Home Tour with Luxury Tile

Fish Scale Tiled Shower Niche with Bullnose Tile Trim

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 11 Deco White, 130 White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 815W Light Grey, 366 Satin Black, 613 Black
Niche Return: 6"x6" Subway Tile - 11 Deco White
3”x6” Bullnose Trim - 11 Deco White
Photography - Sage E Imagery
Styling - CreekwoodHill
Building & Remodeling - Black Dog Homes

5. Art Deco Tile Trim

Don’t be afraid to have fun with color and bullnose trim! Our friend Bari J always goes big with her designs, and this ombre tiled vanity is no exception. The bold colors and tile shape make for a movement filled space with Art Deco vibes. She used 1”x6” bullnose tile in the same colors as the fish scales to finish off the tile design. This adds to the flow of the ombre perfectly! Always have fun with your tile and that includes the trim finishings. 

For more about this project, visit our blog “Art Deco Inspired Tiled Powder Room Renovation

Fish Scale Tile Ombre Vanity Backsplash with Bullnose Tile Trim
Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 47 Vermont Pine, 1036W Bluegrass, 75 Emerald, 101 Lagoon, 1017E Sea Mist, 1065 Mint Julep
1”x6” Bullose Trim - 47 Vermont Pine, 1036W Bluegrass, 75 Emerald, 101 Lagoon, 1017E Sea Mist, 1065 Mint Julep
Interior Design & Photography - Bari J

6. Sapphire Blue V-Cap Trim

Not a fan of bullnose tile? Here's a beautiful alternative to the bullnose tile edge. V-cap tile trim pieces work similarly to bullnose tile in which they eliminate sharp angles and unfinished tile sides from being visible. These ‘v’ shaped tile trim pieces keep the shower design continuously running, especially if you choose the same glaze color as the rest of the shower. This sapphire blue shower niche showcases this bullnose tile trim alternative and how it adds a trendy touch to the shower niche.  

If you love blue tile like this, visit our blog "Best of the Blues: 9 Projects to Inspire"

Sapphire Blue Tiled Shower
3"x8" Subway Tile - 23 Sapphire Blue
Hexagon Flower Pattern Iris Blend -  45R My Blue Heaven, 130 White, 23 Sapphire Blue
Interior Design & Photography - Pencil Shavings

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