A Multi-Room Tile Tour with the DeRusha Family

A Multi-Room Tile Tour with the DeRusha Family

This month’s multi-room tile tour is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Minneapolis’s artistic community. Food critic and WCCO star, Jason DeRusha is a staple in the Minneapolis community. When Jason set out to redesign his kitchen with Construction2Style, he not only wanted to create a space that reflected his personal style, he also wanted to incorporate as many local makers and businesses as possible.

Having recently designed his own Mercury Mosaics backsplash, fellow WCCO star Matt Brickman recommended our handmade tile to the DeRushas. We not only had the opportunity to help Jason create the perfect kitchen backsplash, we also helped his wife Alyssa to bring to life her dream bathroom. 


At first the DeRusha family only intended for a small kitchen update, but they soon decided they wanted to take their remodel a step further. With a keen interest in local artists, they turned to local artisans like Hennepin Made for lighting, Cambria for countertops, and Nic Frost Cabinetry for cabinets. 

If you know Jason from the DeRusha Eats show, you know he has a bold, quirky personality. While the plan for the tile began as something more simple, it became clear that we needed a bolder, more dramatic backsplash to complement DeRusha's personality.

To achieve this, we developed a palette of rich, dark hues – espresso browns, denim blues, and steel grays. We also mixed up the tile shapes, incorporating both Medium Diamonds and Large Hexagons. Following six design rounds, we landed on the perfect backsplash along with the Construction2Style team. 

For more on this project, visit our blog “Jason DeRusha’s Dramatic Kitchen Backsplash

Guest Bathroom 

The inspiration didn’t stop with the kitchen. Alyssa ReDrusha had her own vision for the bathroom – something that was indicative of her personal taste and fashion-forward design prowess. Pulling inspiration from the Fox Homes MN statement shower wall, the shower features a glossy teal subway tile. In order to create an even more modern look, we put a spin on a classic and stacked the subway tile, as opposed to staggering it.

The tile floor also showcases blue and green tiles along with unique textures. By choosing to use glazes with variation, we were able to give additional depth to the bathroom. We also crafted a signature quilt pattern to add in a touch of art deco. 

With the tile pattern and color scheme locked in, Alyssa landed on a stunning, floral wallpaper – Eden Nightfall by Rebel Walls – to pull the entire space together. A glass panel shower along with teak accessories and gold accents create a bathroom that’s boho yet regal and sleek.

For more on this project visit our blog, "Bohemian Bathroom Remodel with Handmade Tile" 

London Pattern - 366 Satin Black1036W Bluegrass958 Rainforest28 Everglades901E Evening Shadow.
Photography by Emily John Photography.

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