6 Vintage Tile Trends that are Making a Comeback

6 Vintage Tile Trends that are Making a Comeback

Old is the new ‘new' in 2023 and we are so ready for it. We’ve seen clients take creative control on vintage designs and adding modern twists to them, keeping them fresh and fun. From playful floral hexagon floors to chic Mid-Century Modern, vintage modern tile designs, inspired by past eras, are taking the design world by storm. Continue reading to learn 6 ways you can add a vintage modern look to your home with handmade tile. 

1. Hexagon Flower Pattern

Hexagon tiles rose to popularity in the 1940s and have proved to be timeless. People began getting creative with these beauties, making playful patterns such as this hexagon flower pattern. This vintage modern tile design utilizes color and placement to create a uniquely retro pattern. Use colors from your favorite interior design era to add a touch of historical style to your home. Dohmicile paired their retro floor with a patterned vintage rug for ultimate vintage modern vibes. 

For more Hexagon floor ideas, visit our blog "9 Projects to Inspire: Hexagon Floor Tile"

Hexagon Flower Pattern Tiled FloorHexagon Flower Pattern - 130 White, 1013 Denim, 54 Dusty Rose, 906W Burnt Sugar
Interior Design & Photography - Dohmicile

2. Art Deco Inspired Bathroom

Totally tiled bathrooms were all the rage in the early 1900s, and we are loving the comeback of this trend. This Art Deco inspired bathroom will transport you back to the glamorous 20s with its vintage modern interior design. The popular basketweave tile design makes this bathroom have a vintage look in such a tasteful way. Accents of rich green tiles and gold finishes nod to the Art Deco era, which is characterized by symmetry, bold geometry, and luxury. 

Visit our gallery to see more photos of this space.

Art Deco Inspired Tile BathroomFloor: Custom Mosaic: 1"x1" - 216 Seaglass (Custom Color), 1"x3" - 11 Deco White, 75 Emerald, Shower Floor - Small Squares & Bricks:  2"x2" Stacked - 75 EmeraldTrimBullnose + 3"x6" Subway, Chair Rail, Pencil Liner, Cove Base - 75 Emerald
Photography - Sage E Imagery
Styling - Creekwoodhill

3. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern is a style that's here to stay. The pops of color, clean lines, and geometric shapes of this iconic interior style make it an ideal fit to this list and we have the perfect tile in mind. Say hello to our medium diamonds in the Eichler blend! This vintage modern style of tile will make any space into a Mid-Century Modern wonderland. The cube shape and pops of yellow and blues pair effortlessly with natural wood, and you can see that in this sleek kitchen. 

For more MCM inspiration, visit our blog "10 Mid-Century Modern Designs with Handmade Tile"

Mid-Century Modern Tiled Backsplash
Medium Diamonds - Eichler Blend
Interior Design & Photography - Fox Homes
Photography - Tiff Mueller & Icons MKGT

4. Charming Victorian Pattern En-Suite 

Can you say cozy, charming, and full of personality? This Tudor inspired floor is a perfect example of what vintage modern interior design is all about. We worked with designer Patti Wagner on creating a tiled floor pattern that would stay true to the artistry and beauty of her historic 1920s home. What we came up with is pure vintage tile magic, and the added decor brings it all to life. From the clawfoot tub to the natural wood, this en-suite is pure bliss. 

To learn more about this project, visit our blog "Ensuite Bathroom Reveal of Patti Wagner

Charming En-Suite with Vintage Tile3"x6" Subway, Chair Rail, Cove Base - 11 Deco White
Victorian Pattern - 11 Deco White77E Grey123R Patina123W Patina (Custom Color)
Interior Design and Photographer - Patticake Wagner

5. Modern Twist on Green Subway Tile

Green has been a fan favorite for decades, and there's no show of it slowing down. In the 1950s, seafoam and mint green were the go to colors for tiles, especially in bathrooms. Nowadays, we've seen emerald green rise to the top and for good reason! This jewel toned color adds depth and character to any space, especially paired with a classic like subway tiles. Turn this pairing into a vintage modern dream by stacking the subway tile vertically. I mean, look at this stunning shower!  

Love this subway tile twist? Check out our blog "6 Ways to Get Creative with Subway Tile" for more inspiration.

 Jewel Toned Subway Tile Shower
3"x8 Subway Tile - 47 Vermont Pine
Interior Design & Photography - Jessica Taylor

6. Timeless Patina Backsplash

Vintage modern decor adorns this timeless maximalist kitchen. We love how the rustic Patina glaze looks elegantly aged, making it seem like it has been there forever. This is a great color and tile choice for those who want to keep the charm of their historic home while adding a more modern touch. The floral wallpaper and gold details bring in a vintage and maximalist feel, putting the cherry on top of this vintage modern style.

Visit our blog "Blooming Maximalist Kitchen with Herringbone Tile" to read all the details about this kitchen.

Timeless Herringbone Tiled Backsplash2"x6" Herringbone Pattern - 123R Patina


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