6 Luxurious Bathrooms with Handmade Tile

6 Luxurious Bathrooms with Handmade Tile

Turning your bathroom or powder room into your own relaxation oasis with handmade tile is easier and more versatile than you think. Luxurious interiors are all about great comfort and an extravagant feel, and that can look different from person to person. Whether you love pops of color and fun tile shapes or are more traditional and like neutral details, you can make your bathroom feel grand and glamorous by adding a splash of tile. Continue reading to see 6 luxurious bathrooms using handmade tile that will inspire your next home renovation. 

1. Charming Black Craftsman Squares

First on our list is a charming bathroom full of comfort and natural elements. When we think of luxury, satin black tiles come to mind. These silky smooth beauties adorn the floor and walk-in shower in the most beautiful way. Adding a doorless shower and natural elements such as wood is a great way to elevate the look of your bathroom and add a more modern touch. Plus, mixing interior styles adds so much character. This luxuriously rustic space has us swooning! 

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Luxurious Satin Black Tiled Bathroom

Large Craftsman Squares - 366 Satin Black
Location at The Minne Stuga
Construction by Taiga Design Build
Interior Design and photography by Melissa Coleman

2. Luxurious Powder Room Vanity

Handmade tile is a match made in heaven with luxurious spaces, and this powder room is a perfect example. Tile shape and color can make all the difference when designing any size bathroom or powder room. Our 75 Emerald glaze is a rich, empowering green that will make any space feel like royalty. This jewel toned color looks magnificent with gold detailing and dark finishes such as cabinetry and wall color. If you like dark and moody, then this powder room design is for you. 

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Emerald Green Powder Room

Large Hexagons - 47 Vermont Pine
Photography - Sage E Imagery
Styling - Creekwoodhill
Building & Remodeling - Black Dog Homes

3. Ombre Shower Niche

Little details make big impacts during renovations. Whether it’s the paint color you choose or the shower head, these small things impact the overall design and need to be taken into account. Shower niches are a functional choice to easily upgrade your shower’s look. This shower niche goes above and beyond and acts as a work of art in the walk-in shower. The ombre design creates a waterfall effect that has movement, texture, and glamor all in one.

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Luxurious Ombre Shower Niche
Small Hexagons - 1016 Costa Rica, 1036W Bluegrass, 101 Lagoon, 1065 Mint Julep, 12W Blue Bell, 913 Old Copper, 214 Coastal Breeze, 60 Silver Lining, 130 White, Custom Color

4. Geometric Shower Niche

Luxury doesn’t have to be over the top, it can be fun and full of character! Check out this beautifully unique bathroom. There are so many stunning details, from the green geometric floor to the marble lined bathtub and stained glass window, this bathroom is just too good. One thing we love to see in a luxurious bathroom is a glass shower door, especially for a walk-in shower. This opens the bathroom up and showcases the overall design without having an interruption.

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 Geometric Tiled Shower Floor

Medium Diamonds – 47 Vermont Pine75 Emerald1036W Bluegrass
Architectural Design - Bowerbird Architects
Photography – Matthew Williams

5. Gorgeous Pop of Color

When looking for luxury bathroom ideas, the colors can be more neutral and toned down. If you don’t want to sacrifice color in your design, then adding a pop of color is the way to go. This shower showcases how a pop of color can brighten the space up while not being overwhelming. Pairing a fun tile shape, such as our Moroccan Fish Scales, with other elements like stone or marble creates a complimentary contrast that works flawlessly. Adding the colored tile to the shower niche or vanity will complete the look and bring a cohesive look to the bathroom.

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 Teal Fish Scale Tiled Shower

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1017E Sea Mist
Photography - Snowberry Lane Photography
Interior Design - Tree Frog Design

6. Cozy Neutral Bathroom

Last on our list is a classic and cozy take on a luxurious bathroom design. Darker greys, creamy whites, and browns are colors that make us feel relaxed and cozy, making them the ultimate color palette for a cozy space. This dreamy modern traditional bathroom is simple and classic, perfect for those who have a more laid back vibe when it comes to interior designs. Something special about this space is the patterned bathroom floor, which combines 4”x4”s and 2”x4”s to create a classy and modern design. 

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 Cozy Neutral Bathroom

Kenwood Pattern - 912W Cloudy Sky
Interior Design - Yond Interiors
Photography by Amanda Birnie

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