6 Kitchen Floor Tile Design Ideas

6 Kitchen Floor Tile Design Ideas

When designing your kitchen, an important decision to make is what type of flooring you will install. The flooring will set the mood of your kitchen, so choosing a versatile option is key. Ceramic floor tile is durable, easy to maintain, and a beauty to look at, so it’s the perfect option for a kitchen floor. Colorful or patterned tiles can create a modern look or focal point for the room. Traditional tile, such as a Subway tile or using neutral colors, is ideal for creating a timeless space that will stay in style for years to come. Continue reading to see 6 kitchen floor tile ideas that will make your space stand out. 

1. Accent Floor Tile

First on the list of kitchen floor tile ideas is creating an accent floor tile design. If you aren’t totally in love with the idea of tile taking up all of the kitchen, then choose a smaller portion of the floor and have some fun with the design. This home theater shows how a little tile goes a long way, especially when adding a whimsical pattern and multiple glaze colors. The vibrant 3”x3” Subway tiles add a playful focal point to this kitchenette area and makes us think of retro movie theater floors. 

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Home Theater with Tiled Floor 3”x3” Subway Tiles - 11 Deco White, Custom Colors

2. Wood to Tile Floor Transition

Create an eye-catching transition with this kitchen floor tile design idea. Wood and tile are a match made in heaven, whether it’s a cabinet and backsplash duo or a floor combination like this. There are many ways you can put your personality into your kitchen floor tile design such as using your favorite colors in the design, choosing an organic edge, and much more. This wood to tile transition uses neutral tones, giving off a cozy and charming vibe. Plus, the organic edge of the tile looks like it’s spilling into the wood, adding a more modern touch. 

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Living Room with Wood to Tile Floor TransitionLarge Hexagons - 815W Light Grey, Custom Colors
Photography by Chelsie Lopez Production
Home remodeling and tile install completed by Kinetic Design Build

3. Add a Retro Touch

Using a retro pattern, such as our Hexagon Flower Pattern, is perfect for those who have a historical home, love the look of vintage modern design, or love all things floral! This kitchen floor tile idea features our Small Hexagons and three colors of your choosing to create a timeless and totally unique pattern. We love how versatile and charming this tile pattern is, especially because it can easily fit into many interior design styles. 

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Retro Floor Tile Idea

Left: Hexagon Flower Pattern - 130 White, 1013 Denim, 54 Dusty Rose, 906W Burnt Sugar
Interior Design & Photography - Dohmicile
Right: Top right: Hexagon Flower Pattern - 130 White, 45W My Blue Heaven, 23 Sapphire Blue 
Photography by Pencil Shavings

4. Ombre Floor Tile

Simple yet striking, ombre tile designs not only look stunning on walls, but on floors, too! This kitchen floor tile idea is one of our favorites because of the movement, flow, and texture this design brings to the space. The mix of dark and light colors creates a dynamic look and gorgeous statement that we can’t get enough of. 

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Ombre Floor Tile DesignMedium Diamonds - 130 White, 11 Deco White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 155 Steel, 366 Satin Black, 613 Black, 912W Cloudy Sky, 815W Light Grey

5. Modern Tile with High Variation

If you’re looking for a kitchen that is modern, unique, and timeless, then you’ll love this kitchen floor tile idea. Make a statement with our fabulous Geo-Hex Pattern! This modern tile pattern is the perfect example of how using two tile shapes in a floor design can look neutral and timeless without being overwhelming. Pair this tile pattern with a high variation glaze such as our earthy 913 Old Copper, to create a custom look with a single color. 

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Floor Tile

Geo-Hex Pattern - 913 Old Copper

6. Mix & Match Tile Shapes

Mixing tile shapes opens a new world of possibilities when it comes to tile design. Make your next kitchen floor tile the star of the show by using our Geo-Star Pattern. This dazzling pattern combines our Large Hexagons and Medium Diamonds to create a one-of-a-kind pattern. Try this kitchen floor tile idea with a single color or go all out and use a color blend or contrasting grout color. 

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floor tile

Geo-Star Pattern - 61 Navy

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