5 Unique Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

5 Unique Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

With the snow melting and the shelves of home good stores being stocked with colorful items, we can feel the springtime is just around the corner! As more color, plants, and sun make their way back into our daily routine, we cannot wait to see these things come into our homes as well. From greenery to pastel colors, you can incorporate spring into your home all year long with tile. Here are 5 ways you can use handmade tile in your spring renovations plans!

1. Lively Statement Wall 

If spring is your favorite season, then this statement wall is for you! The space is filled with a lovely earthy teal glaze and unique planter tiles making this the ultimate oasis that people will be envious of. Pair all of that up with a fun, timeless Hexagon tile shape and spring is here to stay! You can also go the extra mile and add another tile shape to create a unique pattern, such as our Geo-Hex tile.

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Old Copper Large Hexagon Tile

Large Hexagons & Large Hexagon Planters - 913 Old Copper
Interior Design, Photography & Build - Shed Tiny House


2. Geometric Emerald Backsplash  

Spring means green, so why not add a textured green backsplash to your kitchen? This stunning geometric Diamond tile is the perfect way to add character and dimension to your space in a simple yet dazzling way. The rich emerald color is the perfect shade to pair with blooming greenery of spring time!

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 Emerald Medium Diamond TilesMedium Diamonds - 75 Emerald
Interior Design - Emily Pueringer of Quality Cut Design | Remodel
Photography - Alyssa Lee Photography


3. Earth Toned Entryway 

A simple way to bring in color to your home this season is by choosing a high variation tile color. This gorgeous matte entryway is an earth tone staple piece! One of the best parts about this high variation glaze is the mix of earthy greens and browns, making it easy to dress up with decor. You can also see and feel the hand-painted texture which gives this tile an extra edge! 

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 Patina Small Hexagon Tile  Small Hexagons - 123R Patina

4. Bright and Bold Bathroom 

Bright colors are starting to make their appearance, so get ahead of the game with this eye-catching sapphire blue tile! Pairing perfectly with the flower patterned floor, this space is beyond magical. Bold color and thoughtful design details can make any small space feel larger than life, and this bathroom does just that. 

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Sapphire Blue and Flower Pattern Tile
3”x8” Subway Tile - 23 Sapphire Blue
Hexagon Flower Pattern - 130 White, 45W My Blue Heaven, 23 Sapphire Blue
Photography - Pencil Shavings


5. Whimsical Scandinavian Accent

Springtime is the season of new beginnings, making it the perfect time to refresh your space, and this Scandinavian inspired kitchen is a perfect example. The accents of spring inspired colors create a gorgeous focal point while also adding a unique touch of personality to this minimalist kitchen. This design idea is great for those who like neutral colors but want to add a bit of flair. 

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 Subway and Diamond TileMedium Diamonds - Eichler Blend
3”x6” Subway Tile & Flat Liners - 11 Deco White
Interior Design & Photography - Emily Pueringer


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