5 Maximalist Ways to Make a Statement with Tile

5 Maximalist Ways to Make a Statement with Tile

Layering patterns, bright colors, and bold gestures are the essence of Maximalist design. This artfully decorated interior design style has a ‘more is more’ philosophy and is full of personality. Handmade tile is a unique and charismatic way to add this high energy style into any home or business. Continue reading to see 5 ways you can make a Maximalist statement with tile!

1. Dramatic Colors

Dramatic and bright colors are an important factor in Maximalism. Here at Mercury Mosaics, we have a variety of glaze colors on our color palette that would be a perfect fit for this style! From bright pinks and teals to moody blues like this gorgeous shower, the options are endless to create your perfect Maximalist tile design. 

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Moroccan Fish Scale Tile Blue Bathroom
Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - Denim Blend
Interior Design - Elizabeth Bolognino
Photographer - Adam Kane Macchia 

2. Floor to Ceiling Tile

More is more, and this bathroom proves it! Floor to ceiling tile installations are one of our favorite ways to make a big and beautiful statement room. If you love tile as much as we do, then this Maximalist tile concept is the one for you. This DeRusha bathroom proves how elegant this tile concept can be!

To learn more about this project, visit our blog “A Multi-Room Tile Tour with the DeRusha Family

Stacked Subway Tile and Patterned Floor Bathroom Tile

3”x6” Subway Tile - 1036W Bluegrass
London Pattern - 366 Satin Black, 1036W Bluegrass, 958 Rainforest, 28 Everglades, 901E Evening Shadow
Interior Design - Construction2Style
Photography - Emily Johnson Photography

3. Bold Patterns

Another way to take your home and turn it into a Maximalist wonderland is by using bold patterns. This could be using tile with a repetitive pattern and bold color, using a fun wallpaper with layered patterns in it, or both. Pair our herringbone pattern subway tile with a bold green and you can have a Maximalist tile kitchen like this! 

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 Emerald 2"x6" Herringbone Tile Kitchen2”x6” Herringbone - 75 Emerald
Interior Design & Photography - Flatirons Construction Company

4. Mix and Match Shapes

Mixing tile shapes together is a simple way to create a unique and custom design. Our Geo-Hex tile is one of our most popular signature patterns, that combines our Large Hexagon and Medium Diamond. These two tile shapes are a match made in heaven that fit perfectly together to create a beautiful motif. Go bold with an assorted color arrangement or create a stunning neutral monochromatic look like this one at Brow Chic

To see more Geo-Hex projects, visit our blog “8 Ways to Create Patterns with Geo-Hex Tile

Ombre Geo-Hex Tile Neutral Desk
Geo-Hex Pattern - 11 Deco White, 130 White, 60 Silver Lining

5. Custom Tile Designs

If you have a Maximalist tile design you’ve been dreaming about and don’t see it in this blog, let us know! Something that sets us apart from others, is our ability to create custom tile designs that fit your space. From funky entryway floors to our popular ‘river’ motif, we can make your tile dreams come true. 

To see how you can go custom, visit our blog “Creating Your One-of-a-Kind Custom Tile Project

Custom Tile DesignsTop left - Custom Tile & Colors
Top right - 2"x6" Subway Tile – 155 Steel, 366 Satin Black, 613 Black
Bottom - 2"x6" Subway Tile – 130 White, Bubbles - Custom Colors

Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling

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