3 Steps to Create an Inspired Space with Tile

3 Steps to Create an Inspired Space with Tile

Inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time. From scenic drives in farm country to the tropical shores of your exotic getaway, capturing the essence of a perfect scene or memory can trigger bursts of inspiration. When the mood sweeps over you, here are three easy steps to turn inspiration into design direction for your next project.

1. Choose a Space

When you want to let inspiration into your home, the first step is picking where you want to let that inspiration take root. Letting a theme take over your whole house, as tempting as that may be, can be overkill, so try to keep an inspired décor to one room with accents of it throughout your home if you want.

2. Choose Your Color

Creating a space by inspiration doesn’t always mean stuffing it with related pictures or knick-knacks. One of the best ways to create an inspired space is by picking out a color or two from what you’re inspired by. If you want to really bring the feel of the ocean to your home, picking a shade or two of blue to bring into your space through tiling, wall color or upholstery will be an impactful yet subtle way to bring your inspiration to life.

3. Choose a Design or Pattern

Once you’ve picked the space and color you want to bring in from your place of inspiration, pick a common design or pattern from that same idea. If your inspiration is derived from the great outdoors, incorporating a wood grain or birch bark pattern on an accent pillow, curtains or picture could bring that atmosphere into your home in just the right dose.

In this inspired kitchen, views of the ocean were brought into a light and airy space with Mercury Mosaics’ Moroccan Fish Scale tiles in varying hues of blues and greens with a touch of white. The open space, the cool tones and the pattern of the tiles are enough to bring anyone right back to sandy beaches and a view of the rolling waves.

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