2020 Tile Trends: 6 Styles We're Excited About

2020 Tile Trends: 6 Styles We're Excited About

The New Year is here and we're expecting nothing but more tile magic for us in 2020. There are a few tile trends that we're excited about on the horizon, but just to be clear, all of the "trends" we're listing are also timeless. We want to make sure that any project we create with you will last a lifetime (both in durability and style). All of these ideas balance popular style with a classic execution, leaving plenty of room for personalization to make it your own. Read on to see 6 ceramic tile styles we're excited about!

1. Stacked Subway Tile

Give classic Subway tile a bold look with a stacked layout. This simple option really stands out as a statement because of the continous strong grout lines. Make it pop even more by using a grout color that's either much lighter or darker than your tile for contrast. This emerald green beauty was featured on Stay or Sell on HGTV - isn't that cool?

Learn about more ways to layout Subway tile with our blog "6 Creative Subway Tile Designs for Your Home"

Stacked Emerald Green Shower Tile

2"x6" Subway Tile - 47 Vermont Pine, 713 Peacock Green. Photo and design by @stayorsell on @hgtv.

2. Pink Bathrooms 

We think there's nothing more fashionable than embracing your inner creativity and filling your interior with your favorite colors, no matter how bright! We've observed interior design becoming more and more of a place to express yourself rather than play it safe. We see this playing itself out in the use of more unconventional colors, like pink....but really, any color that makes your heart sing, we say go for it. 

This home had four Mercury Mosaics tile installations inside! See and learn about them all with our blog "Palm Springs Eichler Filled with Tile"

Pink Moroccan Fish Scale Shower Tile

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 309E Grapefruit. Photo: @Eichlersprings

3. Tile + Concrete

The wall that your tile transitions onto can make a huge impact on your overall design. Rather than doing something plain, for this project, the Large Hexagons are matched with a beautiful concrete wall, a rugged concrete floor, and stunning concrete decor. This texture only adds to the beauty of our ceramic tile. We tend to think, the more unique materials the better! Top it off with our Rainforest glaze and fresh greenery, and you've created an urban jungle look! 

Learn all about this installation and the two other tile projects in this interior design firm's office with our blog "Urban Jungle Tile: Studio Grey's Vertical Gardens"

Tile and Concrete Combinations

958 Rainforest - Large Hexagons

4. Patterned Ceramic Tile 

It's all about having fun; and nothing says fun quite like a patterned tile. We've created a variety of custom patterns - often geometric in nature - but this style below is available as a standard sheet on our website! This flower pattern is a chic way to add a little retro style back into your life. 

Get the details of this bathroom renovation with our blog "Stunning Sapphire Blue Tile Design for a Small Bathroom"

Patterned Ceramic Tile

3"x8" Subway Tile - 23 Sapphire Blue. Small Hexagons -  45R My Blue Heaven, 130 White, 23 Sapphire Blue. Photo by Pencil Shavings Studio.

5. Small Shapes

Using small shapes is a great way to make a space appear larger. It's an optical illusion of sorts because there are more tiles your brain would have you believe there's more surface area. This is great for our friends with condos, older homes, or really anyone looking maximize a smaller space.

If you want to find more ways to make the most out a small space, check out our blog "6 Ceramic Tile Ideas for Small Kitchen Backsplashes"

Small Scandinavian Tile

1"x3" Subway Tile - 11 Deco White, 130 White, 77E Grey. Photo: @creekwoodhill.

6. Mixed Shapes 

Mixing shapes has been our jam for some time, so this year we're making them even more accessible by adding them to our signature pattern collection on the shop section of our website. No two shapes complete the look better than Medium Diamonds and Large Hexagons, which fit perfectly together. 

See more unique ways to mix shapes with our blog "7 Modern Ways to Mix and Match Tile Shapes"

Mixed Shapes Floor TileGeo-Hex Pattern - 913 Old Copper.


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