Vintage Modern Tile Trend: 6 Ways to Mix the Old with the New

Vintage Modern Tile Trend: 6 Ways to Mix the Old with the New

Handmade tile in itself is an ode to the olden days. We love coming up with new shapes, patterns, glaze colors to stay trendy in the tile world while still staying true to the roots of this artisan craft. That's why we are loving this new modern vintage trend. Continue reading to learn 6 ways to embrace the vintage modern trend with handmade tile.

1. Revival Tile Wall Art

In the spirit of making the old, new again, we wanted to start by introducing our Revival Tile Wall Art collection! Our Tile Artisans are showing off their true passion for turning tile into an art form. We've been making the old new again by using old, (handmade and absolutely gorgeous) tile collecting dust on our shelves and turning them into new masterpieces. These one-of-a-kind mosaic decor pieces are handcrafted and produced with sustainable, handmade materials including gorgeous framing from our friends at Manomin Resawn Timbers. So if you're a total tile lover like us and wanting a piece of the goodness without investing in a whole renovation, these Wall Art pieces were made just for you. 

To see more of these handmade beauties, browse the whole Wall Art Collection.

Revival Tile Wall ArtBlack and Gold Diamond Wall Art, Green Ocean Fish Scale Wall Art, Abstract Clouds & Landscape Diptych

2. Modern Mid-Century Modern

We're putting the modern back in Mid-Century Modern with fresh handmade tile designs and color palettes. Pictured below is one of our fan favorite designs for all the MCM fans. In fact, it was created for a Mid-Century Modern Eichler Home in Palm Springs, California and we loved it so much that we named it our Eichler Blend. We love to see how clients are using this blend in their modern Mid-Century Modern homes. Its mix of cool and warm hues paired with sleek Diamond cubes are a match made in heaven for the clean lines and natural wood elements of MCM style.

For more MCM tile ideas, visit our blog "10 Mid-Century Modern Designs with Handmade Tile"

Modern Mid Century ModernMedium Diamonds - Eichler Blend
Interior Design by Interiors by J. Curry
Photography by Adam Sternke

3. Polished Patina

The other day one of our design consultants said, "Patina has looked like it's always been there." That's the best way to describe it. This gorgeous glaze is perfectly rustic and timelessly trendy. With incredible depth and character, it dips its toes into terracotta territory due to its red undertones. It creates a classic look that does look like it's always been there. So if you're wanting to stay true to the style of your historic home or design a new space that will never get old, this glaze is the perfect choice.

For more of this maximalist kitchen, visit our blog "Blooming Maximalist Kitchen with Herringbone Tile"

Polished Patina2”x6” Herringbone - 123R Patina.
Photography and Interior Design by Bari J.

4. Contemporary Craftsman

True Craftsman tile is hard to come by nowadays. This style became popular in the 1920s while many Frank Lloyd Wright homes embraced it for its rustic yet modern allure. Giving off a pureness that goes totally unmatched, Craftsman Squares are known for their quality, integral lines and honest charm. To celebrate this monumental style, we want to help give your "old-home" the historic tile it deserves. Browse our nature-inspired collection of Large and Small Craftsman Squares!

For more on this entryway, visit our blog "Charming, Modern & Handmade Craftsman Square Entryway"

Contemporary CraftsmanLarge Craftsman Squares - 920 Midnight Sky123R PatinaCustom Colors.
Photography and Interior Design - Brownstone Boys

5. Vintage Charm Victorian Pattern

This Tudor inspired floor is the perfect example of mixing the old with the new. Homeowner and designer, Patticake Wagner, is all for restoring old houses while staying true to the historic style and integral beauty of the space. So our handmade tile was a match made in heaven for this project. Inspired by a previous project created with designer Anwen at AHL Consulting, we brainstormed a new palette with Patti to create the Victorian floor of her dreams. 

Check out more of this gorgeous bathroom on our blog, "Ensuite Bathroom Reveal of Patti Wagner"

Vintage Charm Pattern3"x6" Subway, Chair Rail, Cove Base - 11 Deco White.
Victorian Pattern - 11 Deco White77E Grey123E Patina (Custom Color).

6. Yesterday’s Yellow, Today

Last but certainly not least on our tour of vintage modern tile is another Mid-Century Modern kitchen design. In our opinion, tile is an essential part of a MCM design. In fact, we could daydream all day about the possibilities for a modern Mid-Century Modern kitchen. Mustard yellows, olive greens, and rich teals would be a few of our choices. For this kitchen, designer Emily Pueringer embraced an all yellow backsplash with clean subway tile in a stacked layout. See more of this retro kitchen in our gallery!

For more ways to use Subway tile, visit our blog "Go Bold with Uniquely Colored Subway Tile"

Yellow Stacked Subway Tile Kitchen2"x6" Subway Stacked - Custom Color
Interior Design by Emily Pueringer Design
Contractor Quality Cut Design Remodel
Photography by Rubinski Visual

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