Room & Board's Modern Furniture Transforms our Design Studio

Room & Board's Modern Furniture Transforms our Design Studio

Bringing our office and design studio to life has been nothing short of a dream with Room & Board’s partnership. The countless challenges of small business, supply chain management, manufacturing & all the roadblocks - it has been a breath of fresh air to have furniture of this caliber gracing our epic new design studio to support us in the journey: literally.

The Inspiration

This space will embrace the future of flexible working, it will support collaboration between teams at Mercury Mosaics as a model to promote working together in harmony. I wanted our manufacturing team to be able to blast music during the week & not have to worry about important client meetings, or loud noises for various forms of production to happen freely, not concerned about an in-progress conference call. Our two spaces within the Thorp building will each have a conference room and flexible drop in meeting spaces to create environments that naturally support creativity, thus being motivational spaces to support the pursuit of our Vision.

For more on our new Design Studio, visit our "The Why Behind Our Design Studio"

Design Studio Mood Board with Room & Board

Mood board collaboration with Construction2Style.

The Choosing Process

There were two ways to go about selecting furniture. I quickly learned from my first major office design that it wasn’t a great idea to ‘just pick’ for the team and that it would be key for them to be involved. As a business owner – you may have turnover, you may have the team choose something inaccessible, I skipped worrying about both these elements and enjoyed a collaborative selection process. Business Interiors was a breeze as we iterated on our vision and served as the perfect guide. They grounded us with supply-chain availability, product performance knowledge and overall education on our choices. Mercury Mosaics is rooted in customer service & research/design-support so teaming up with Room & Board was simply an extension of our community.

For more on Room & Board Business Interiors, visit their homepage!

Design Studio Mood BoardDiffrient World Office Chair in Cadmium Yellow.

Colorful Office Chairs

For the office chairs, we selected the Diffrient World Office chair for its sleek and ergonomic design. It has the option to have adjustable arm rests, based on our use – the Business Interiors team suggested the upgrade to support a classic 8-hour workday. Once the chair style was decided upon, our team mixed up four colors throughout the office to express our brand best. They went with: Cadmium, Citron, Crimson & Cyan. Behind every great product is certainly a magnificent team of creatives and our office chairs are no different. Actually, they are Diffrient – designed by Neil Diffrient. Deemed as the simplest task chair ever made. When you sit in it: “It feels like sitting on a cloud.”

Check out these colorful office chairs on the Room & Board site!

Room & Board Colorful Office ChairsDiffrient World Office Chair - Cadmium, Citron, Crimson & Cyan.

Sensational Support

These dynamic and simple works of art have superior lumbar support & join us in the battle of sitting being a culprit for body aches. The design of the mesh conforms to your body as if you had it tailored specifically for you, so you have the perfect amount of lumbar support and the perfect amount of upper back support – with no manual adjustments needed. This compliments the industrial desks we picked out, which have a cross bar at the bottom where you can use it to elevate your feet. Because the chair has no cross bar across the front of the seat, there’s no pressure point interfering with the circulation to your legs. Genius in the design from conception to manufacturing – this is right up our alley and highly respected.

Find more information on these ergonomic office chairs here!

Room & Board Colorful Office ChairsDiffrient World Office Chair in Cadmium Yellow.

Statement Swivel Chairs

Our flexible meeting space is rainbow spectrum of color immersed with vintage-industrial modern design. The Otis swivel chairs are like a layer of velvet to polish it all off. The perfection of the chair design makes it inviting to stretch your arms out and be relaxed - like a big, carefree hug. 

Find these luxurious swivel chars on their site!
 Room & Board Swivel ChairsOtis Swivel Chairs in Banks Rust.

Our Room & Board Partnership 

Having these key furniture pieces to anchor our space, honor its function and elevate our design goals will really make a difference. As we embark on what it looks like to be a manufacturer truly rooted in our artistry while embracing our hybrid work model, we feel very lucky to be in this collaborative community who believes in the importance of artisan made goods.

To see more of their gorgeous products, head to the Room & Board site.

Room & Board Office FurnitureDiffrient World Office Chair in Cyan.

Learn more about the reveal of our Design Studio on Construction2Style's blog "Mercury Mosaic's Studio Reveal"

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