The Final Reveal of Mercury Mosaics Design Studio

The Final Reveal of Mercury Mosaics Design Studio

Amongst many small businesses, the past few years have proven to be defining years for Mercury Mosaics. We challenged ourselves to step up, to reflect on what matters most, and used our shared values to become an intentional, cohesive team. So saying we are excited for this reveal would be an understatement.. we are absolutely thrilled and emotionally ecstatic to share with you the final reveal of the Mercury Mosaics Design Studio.

Your Formal Invitation

First and foremost, we want to formally invite you to come visit us and see where the magic happens. Browse our Sample Wall, speak with a Tile Concierge, and walk away with a whole new idea of what handmade ceramic tile can do. Not local? No worries! We are now offering virtual and phone design consultations so you can get the most of your tile experience. Sign up for an appointment here!

Learn more about the reveal of our Design Studio on Construction2Style's blog "Mercury Mosaic's Studio Reveal"

Design Consultations at Mercury Mosaics

The Why Behind the Design Studio

Over two years ago, we set out on mission impossible to create a Design Studio that inspires, motivates and encapsulates the spirit of Mercury Mosaics. Dedicating ourselves to being a mature, thriving, design-driven manufacturing company comes with the utmost need for attention to intentionality within our teams and the spaces that surround them. We are fueling our growth as a company with investment in our most important asset: the team. We’d be lying if we said we were ready for everything thrown our way, but with the guiding light of construction2style and like-minded brand partnerships, our mission impossible was made possible.

We want to give the biggest shoutout to our partner in design crime, construction2style. During this process, Morgan Molitor of c2s has been by our side, showing us the ins and outs of brand partnerships, design selections, and so much more. She’s taught us that it’s not about what it looks like when it’s perfect and everything is working, it’s what you do when you’re down for the count and how you move through it – building the base stronger than previously perceived.

Get the full scoop on our blog about "The Why Behind our Design Studio".

Mercury Mosaics Design Studio
Morgan Molitor of construction2style and Mercedes Austin of Mercury Mosaics.
Photography by Chelsie Lopez
Design/Build by  construction2style

Mood Boarding Magic

Mood boarding is the perfect way to put all of your ideas onto one inspiring board, but it's not as easy as you might think. That's why mood board expert, Kayla Schultz of c2s, helped us create individual mood boards for each space of our Design Studio. The boards would incorporate pieces from our brand partners along with the overall inspiring industrious vibe we were trying to achieve. Once these mood boards were created, it opened the door so we could approach this design puzzle by room versus as one whole space. With the space programming, a landlord-provided fit plan, mood boards and key pieces of inspiration all in one place, it was time to make the magic happen.

Find an example of our mood boarding process on our Design Studio blog, "Room and Board's Modern Furniture Transforms our Design Studio"

Mercury Mosaics Design Studio Mood BoardMood Board by construction2style

A Jaw-Dropping Before and After

We are so excited to share the gorgeous results of our new workspace. Our mission to enhance the world one tile at a time is alive and well in this new studio space. Pulling together the whole vision hasn’t been fast and furious; it’s been a rather slow and steady, methodical and meticulously engineered process. The feeling in this space is the end result of a magical synergy between exceptional materials and craftspeople. 

Mercury Mosaics Design Studio ShowroomMercury Mosaics Design Studio Reception DeskMercury Mosaics Design Studio OfficeDesign Studio Conference RoomPhotography by Chelsie Lopez
Design/Build by  construction2style

The Beauty of Brand Partnerships

We can now say with confidence that the term “it takes an army” is a saying for reason: it’s a fact. Working with Construction2Style to bring the Design Studio’s vision to life really helped us think of the long-term community we were intending to be a part of in this chapter versus looking at this project as “just a renovation”. This idea of brand partnerships was a whole new world for us but luckily, Morgan was our biggest advocate during the process. 

So as we wander around our new studio space, our eyes are filled with amazement because every inch of our collaborative workspace is significant in our Design Studio's story. Each piece was created by a like-minded manufacturer who we have built a relationship with and through our space, we can tell their story, too.

Pictured below are just a few of our Brand Partners who helped bring our vision to life. Cambria countertops exceeded all of our expectations with their gorgeous natural quartz in multiple areas of our Design Studio, Timber and Tulip brought life to our conference room with a gorgeous hand-crafted wooden table, and Room & Board delivered an assortment of modern furniture that we've always dreamed of having in our space.

To learn about all of our amazing Brand Partnerships, head over to our Visit Us page.

Mercury Mosaics Design Studio Brand PartnershipsPhotography by Chelsie Lopez
Design/Build by  construction2style

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