Room and Board Doro End Tables

Room and Board Doro End Tables

Designing a line of handmade tile end tables with Room & Board was nothing short of amazing. Working hand-in-hand with a company with similar core values, we truly learned the importance of trust, innovation and teamwork. Through many mock-ups and revisions, together, we pushed the limits of design, color and quality to create tile end tables that were beautiful and functional.

Merging Two Brands

The more time we spent with the folks over at Room and Board, the more we realized how similar our values are. We are both committed to pushing the limits of design and trusting our instincts. We also both strongly believe in natural materials and American-made quality. This collaboration seemed like a match made in heaven. 

The Inspiration

The inspiration came from merging what we know about our handmade product with the needs of consumers already used to the high standards of Room & Board merchandise. We always take care in the execution of our handmade tile, and so we made it a priority to extend that care to creating a beautiful, yet highly functional product.

Doro Table Inspiration
Photography (top left and right) - Inspiration for the collaboration
Bottom left: Small Hexagons by Mercury Mosaics- 130 White, 11 Deco White.
Bottom right: 1"x2" Small Bricks in Herringbone Pattern by Mercury Mosaics - 1036W Bluegrass, 1673 Espresso, 906R Burnt Sugar, 28 Everglades.

For the color inspiration, both companies wanted to push the natural variation in our glaze. We wanted to make each Room & Board table unique in that you can see the brush strokes and movement in every tile.

Progression of designs

Testing Durability

We needed to find a grout that would fit the needs of a functioning coffee table. And so began the coffee stain test… Starting with a sanded grout that we sealed with a grout sealer, we literally spilt coffee over four samples, varying the length of time before cleanup and amount of sealant used to maximize our results. Through multiple coffee stain tests, ranging from 1 to 24 hours, and from light grout to dark grout, we found the perfect epoxy based grout for these tile end tables.

Doro 18" Round End Table in Moroccan Fish Scale Indigo

Perfecting the Glaze

Because we glaze every tile by hand, each one is truly unique. From the amount of glaze applied, to the direction of the brushstrokes, our glaze variation is dependent on human hands. It is these differences that give us a unique opportunity to create beauty that is distinctly original.

As the Room And Board team so gracefully states it,

From the local clay and glazes to the compostable packing peanuts, every decision involved in creating the Doro end table is made with care. Choose from a variety of handmade tiles and patterns to find the perfect fit for your space. No two tables are identical, ensuring your room will have that special, personal touch.

Handmade Tile

The Results 

Finally, we developed a system of quality checks to ensure that each table top has

1. Beautiful variation within the tile
2. Clean grout lines that make the designs pop
3. The highest quality of product that we can produce

The overall results were more beautiful than we ever could have imagined. We are so happy to have created such a stunning yet functional product and even more happy to have partnered with the incredible team at Room and Board

Doro End Table
Photography: Room and Board

Doro 12" Drink Table in Diamond Indigo, Moroccan Cross White, and Moroccan Cross Black.


Head over to the Room and Board site to browse the Doro End Table collection.

We're incredibly proud to be a part of the Room & Board brand, enjoy the adventure of browsing the intently-curated selection.

The post Room and Board Doro End Tables appeared first on Artisan Tile Company: Handmade Ceramic Tiles by Mercury Mosaics.


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