Modern and Monochromatic Office Kitchen Backsplash

Modern and Monochromatic Office Kitchen Backsplash

Our friends at Meet Minneapolis sure know the value of a space that represents the business and people inside the office. We were so honored to be a part of their company's remodel, which showcases the cultural highlights of our city. For this project we created a modern and monochromatic teal backsplash for their office kitchen. This Moroccan Fish Scale beauty features a subtle ombre, open shelving, and organic edging - three of our favorite things in a backsplash. Continue reading to learn about the creative concept behind this project and how the details turned the final space into a dream office.  

The Creative Concept

Meet Minneapolis is an organization focused on promoting the Minneapolis community as a convention site and visitor destination. Naturally, they wanted their office to showcase what makes our city great. As you step inside you're greeted by a collaged mural of all of the things that make Minneapolis what it is. Then they used local companies to decorate the space including the stunning hand-painted wallpaper of local artists she she, and of course, our tile! We couldn't be happier to be included as a local representation of the impressive community of artists and craft companies that Minneapolis offers. 

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 713 Peacock Green, 28 Everglades, 1016 Costa Rica, 958 Rainforest

The Tile Details 

The finished project offers a stunning range of blues and greens in a subtle ombre reminiscent of the natural waterways that cover Minneapolis. Each glaze color they chose has high variation, so it looks like they have a wide range of glaze colors but in reality, we only used four. The Moroccan Fish Scale shape always makes a statement and their rounded tops look beautiful with an organic edge finishing. This monochromatic tile choice paired with the modern, industrial feel of the space resulted in an office kitchen that's both bold and sophisticated. 

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The Finished Backsplash 

The final project is a jaw-dropper. The design team truly amplified the impact of our tile by decorating with modern black accents throughout and gold open shelving. We love open shelving because it shows off more of the tile and gives you fun ways to style your backsplash. The entire space breathes the fun and artistic energy of Minneapolis, and we are so proud to be a part of it! 

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