Mixed Greens - Bathroom Floor Tile

Mixed Greens - Bathroom Floor Tile

When you walk into this home, you're sure to be instantly wowed by the homeowners' amazing taste. An airy ambiance is matched with delicate pinks, oranges, yellows, and a few bold pops of emerald green. This bright and beautiful style continues into this adorable bathroom that follows suit in look and feel. Continue reading to learn how to use artisan tile to create an unforgettably fun bathroom floor like this home. 

Getting the Bright and Bold Look: 

Everything in this home gives a cozy and sweet feeling to those who enter. It's polished to the point that you feel like you're in a catalog, yet no personality is lost with accents of vintage finds, local art, and unique decor. Our favorite part of this bathroom is the use of complementary colors. The oranges and pinks in the fruit shower curtain work perfectly with the green blend of shiny tile. To top off this look, the adorable resident pup was there to model, because who doesn't need an extra puppy picture in their life?

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Bright and Airy Home Decor

Glossy Green Diamond Floor Tile

Blending Colors for Variation:

These Diamonds are actually a blend of two colors - Medium Diamonds - 47 Vermont Pine, 75 Emerald. It's not obvious at first because they both have a shiny finish so they blend perfectly together for added depth and color variation. But when you look at an angle, or move around to different lighting conditions throughout the space you can see more green or blue tones. This is one of the huge benefits to artisan tile-  we make it all in our NE Minneapolis studio. And when you want a custom blend like this, we'll lay it out on mesh sheeting ahead of time so everything looks perfect. Once we're happy with the layout of the tile, we glue it to the mesh sheeting, cut it into shippable sizes, and send it to your door - ready for quick and easy installation! 

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Bold Bathroom Tile Floor

Bold Bathroom Tile Floor

Emerald Green Tile + Gold Accents for the Win! 

Few things make us swoon as much as this emerald and gold combination! These perfectly coordinating accents add sophistication throughout this bathroom's fun style. The complementary colors allow the tile to pop even more, becoming the showcase of the space. We love getting inspired by our client's unique styling abilities, elevating our tile to design dreams we didn't even know we had! Now, who else wants to brighten up their home with some dazzling Diamonds?  

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Green Tile Bathroom with Gold Accents

Gold Accents with Bold Tile Bathroom


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