Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Featuring the Geo-Hex Pattern

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Featuring the Geo-Hex Pattern

We are so excited to share this Mid-Century Modern dream kitchen with you. From its detailed woodwork and gorgeous vaulted ceilings to the handcrafted tile backsplash, this kitchen is a sure showstopper. Continue reading to see how a touch of tile can totally transform the vibe of your space.

Mid-Century Blends

It’s no secret that we have a deep love for MCM design and in our opinion, we have Mid-Century Modern tile down to a science. From the Eichler Blend to the Greyson Blend, we’ve seen clients implement the “pop of warmth” trend over and over to create their own specialized Mid-Century tile blend. Here are just a few of our favorite Mid-Century Pop of Warmth projects we’ve seen over the years. 

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Mid-Century BlendsLeft: Medium Diamonds - Eichler Blend
Interior Design - Fox Homes
Photography - Tiff Mueller
Right: Large Diamonds – 60 Silver Lining11 Deco White24 Dandelion366 Satin Black, Custom Colors.
Photography - James Lyle Photo

The Design

Did you know that we have a full team of designers ready to help you come up with the design of your dreams?! That's right. We'll draw up a CAD of your space with your measurements and work with you to find the shapes and colors that suit you best. For this particular design, the client, Sarah, was inspired by our Eichler Blend. This signature palette screams Mid-Century Modern kitchen. With its neutral greys, bright yellows, and rich teals it's sure to be a sure showstopper. However, Sarah wanted to make the blend her own so we tweaked the colors and shapes to perfectly match her space.

We'd love to help jump start your project, let us know what your dream kitchen looks like here!

MCM Dream Kitchen Design

Geo-Hex Pattern

Typically in Mid-Century Modern tile designs, we see sleek lines and repeating patterns which, in our opinion, would translate into cubed diamonds or long subway tiles. Sarah wanted to take a risk with her kitchen and go with a Mid-Century Modern "Modern" design instead. We had just the thing. By combining both Medium Diamonds and Large Hexagons, it creates a beautiful twist on a classic MCM design. This signature Geo-Hex pattern is one of our fan favorites and has inspired many clients to think outside the box when it comes to tile. 

To see our Geo-Hex Pattern in real life, head over to our Sample Pack page.

Geo-Hex Sample Pack

The Results

We aren't embarrassed to say our jaws literally dropped when we saw the final photos of this project. This space is proof that creative tile can totally change the vibe of your space. The woodwork, vaulted ceilings, stainless steel hood, and color tile definitely make this kitchen one for the books. Plus, the incredible styling by Creekwood Hill and photography by Sage E Imagery are the cherries on top!

For more on this project, visit our Tile Gallery!

Mid Century Modern Tiled Kitchen

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