Inspiring Tiled Office Space at Springboard for the Arts

Inspiring Tiled Office Space at Springboard for the Arts

It doesn’t get much better than a totally tiled out office space. We love helping to create environments that welcome, inspire and spark joy whether it’s a bathroom floor, kitchen backsplash or in this case, a company’s headquarters. We are so excited to share with you this community driven and local project at Springboard for the Arts. 

Springboard for the Arts

We can’t express our gratitude enough for the work Springboard for the Arts does for our creative community. This human-centered company is a driving force within our community of artists in Minnesota. Their mission is to support artists with the tools to make a living and a life, and to build just and equitable communities full of meaning, joy, and connection. They believe that artists are essential and they "strive to create an ecosystem of support for creative people with as few barriers as possible." So whether you're looking to thrive as an artist or connect to an artist, Springboard for the Arts is for you.

This notion of helping artists thrive has a special place in our hearts. Our female founder and total tile queen, Mercedes Austin, started Mercury Mosaics in her studio apartment 20 years ago with her first kiln funded by a tax return and the proceeds from selling her CD collection. She managed to turn her art into a thriving business, and now a one-woman show is a full team of dedicated artists and craftspeople. So as artists ourselves who are always seeking to cultivate meaningful relationships with other artists, we are so honored to help create a space for Springboard for the Arts that's both welcoming and inspiring for our creative community.

 Springboard for the arts Mission StatementMission Statement from Springboard for the Arts

The Vision

Springboard’s new home in St Paul, Minnesota will "serve as a welcoming creative hub for community members and artists" so the vision for the entryway mural needed to be fresh, friendly, and a bit playful. Since the lobby mural is the first thing people will see, they wanted it to be something that got the creative gears turning for wandering artists walking through the doors. The Springboard team was keen on neutrals, light blues, soft greens and accents of warm yellows. With this intel, our designers got to work playing with mixed tiles, organic shapes, and whimsical palettes. 

To see more about Springboard's new space, visit their Big Moves page!

Springboard for the Arts Lobby Wall Rendering

From Vision to Reality: Lobby Wall

First up on our tour of this beautifully curated office space is the custom lobby mural. We are in total awe of how this statement wall turned out. Its dynamic beauty radiates from one wall to the next. Together we landed on a shining moment for our signature Geo-Hex pattern in an organic shape. With it's mixed shapes, this pattern is the perfect amount of sophistication and playfulness. The palette was the perfect companion for the rest of the studio. The light blues with pops of vibrant colors pair flawlessly with the space's natural wood, industrial features and overall fresh vibe. 

For more of this Geo-Hex beauty, visit our Commercial Gallery!

Custom Tile Lobby Wall
Custom Tile Lobby Wall
Photography by Sage E Imagery
Styling by Creekwood Hill

From Vision to Reality: Office Kitchen

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous office kitchen? This space is definitely on the top of our list for best tiled company kitchens. This custom blend of Diamonds is crisp and clean and lends an eye-catching element to this fresh kitchen. We've always been firm believers that tile can totally transform a space but we think this kitchen area proves it. Whether you're at your desk, eating lunch or a wandering visitor, Springboard for the Arts is sure to welcome and inspire all with it's beautiful new office space.

To learn more about Springboard's new space, head over to their website!

Tiled Office Kitchen Wall
Tiled Office Kitchen Wall
Photography by Sage E Imagery
Styling by Creekwood Hill

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