How-To Floor Transition From Tile to Wood

How-To Floor Transition From Tile to Wood

Create an eye-catching transition from tile to wood with these tips and tricks. Ceramic floor tile is both durable and beautiful, making it a great choice for entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, and much more! When planning your tiled floor, make sure that you take the time to consider the transition from tile to wood. Whether it's an organic edge or a clean line with tile trim or metal edging - it's best to plan this in the beginning stages of the project. Read on to find out how to floor transition from tile to wood. 

Monochromatic Hexagon Tile

Large Hexagons - 912R Cloudy Sky, 220 Sooty Grey, 815W Light Grey.

Create a Transition Idea. 

A tile to wood transition tends to be an afterthought of the tile project, but this detail can have a great impact on the overall design. Plan ahead so you and your contractor have the necessary tools and tile. We're happy to make your tile dreams come true; if you have a unique idea, let our sales team know and we'll make it a reality! For the more unique concepts, we create a mock-up similar to the image below so that everyone is on the same page with the visuals and dimensions before we start making your transition between tile and wood floors. 

Plan Ahead for a Subfloor. 

Work with your contractor to ensure that the proper flooring plans are in place.

For this project, we interviewed Sam Devine of Kinetic Design Build for the plan on this design, here's what Sam had to say: 

"In this installation we had our hardwood installer install flooring past the point where the tile would start. We laid each individual tile in place on top of the floor and put down tape around them, adding 1/4" to the outside edge to accommodate the metal edging. I used an oscillating multi tool to cut the flooring, which was not quick nor easy! After removing the portion of floor that was to become tile, I bent Schluter flexible metal edging to match the shape. This also was neither quick nor easy. To bend the edging I used an angle grinder to give relief to the area needing to be bent and then used a small hand brake (meant to be used for bending and crimping galvanized steel vent ducting) to bend the edging. In total there were 5 separate pieces by the time I finished. Since each tile is unique, it is important to mark your tiles and use the exact piece for each space. We installed the tile and metal edging over Schluter Ditra underlayment and used the recommended Schluter thinset. Our choice for grout is a Laticrete product. The edging is of course important for its ability to act as a rigid transition between two media which will expand and contract at different rates with the changing seasons."

If creating a subfloor isn't in the cards, let us know and we'll help find a rounded tile trim for a smooth step onto your tile.

Planning for Tile to Wood Floor Transition

Consider Wood, Tile and Grout Combinations.

Now for the fun part: playing with color! Whether you'd like the wood and tile to blend together or create a strong contrast, these three color choices will create the look and feel of your remodel. If you're creating a custom piece we'll help bring all of these elements together visually so you can envision the final piece prior to beginning the project. 

Floor Tile Pre Grout

Photo cred: @kineticdesignbuild

Final Project.

We love this final project created by Kinetic Design. The organic edge of the tile looks like it's spilling into the monochromatic wood floor. This one-of-a-kind entry is sure to make an excellent first impression to anyone who steps foot on it! What a wonderful way to make a stunning and timeless statement piece. 
Tile to Wood Floor Transition

Photo cred: @lestivities


Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Did our tips and tricks on how to floor transition from tile to wood help you out? Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling
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  • Amy Bodnar

    I love the designs at Kenetic Dexigns. Check them out at Sam and the team are great to work with.

  • Ben Stokey

    Loving this transition. I didn’t realise it was an option for solid wood flooring due to the gap normally needed around the edge. I thought it was only possible with a wood-effect tile floor. So this is great news for me as I am laying solid flooring and would love to create the same transition in my entranceway. Can you confirm, where you removed the wood, is that only a layer of it deep enough to take the tiles, or the entire section? Many thanks, Ben. PS Loving some of your tiled splashbacks too!

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