Friendsgiving - New Traditions & Reflecting on Being Thankful

Friendsgiving - New Traditions & Reflecting on Being Thankful

Some of our best work comes from simply taking time to fill our wells with inspiration and this collaborative get together was nothing short of support, encouragement and down-to-earth championing of one another. I had the pleasure of spending the evening with six powerhouses from various walks of life. 

Continue reading to find out what brought a stunning group together to build upon what it means to be a supportive, inclusive community of females supporting females.

It All Started with Creekwood Hill

My Friendsgiving invite came from the creative force behind Creekwood Hill, Lea Johnson. We had the pleasure of working together on a backsplash in her iconic kitchen. Lea is just as inspiring and awesome in person as her social feed. She's honoring and supportive of my team of craftspeople and has been part of the commitment I have to making handmade tile more approachable and relatable. She's generous of her time, so it's only natural that she's the driver behind this celebration of friendship and success over an intimate meal. 

Creekwood Hill Backsplash

Lea's idea was to bring a handful of women in business together from all walks of life to support and uplift and encourage one another. Count me in, I was flattered to be included and to be reminded that our relationship was "not just tile" and out of collaborations come lasting friendships. She was the ultimate host and champion for us all. Frankly, I'm honored to be a part of such an ambitious, hard working and passionate group. With everything on her plate, Lea whipped up some of the most delicious Harvest Carrot Soup to warm you to the core.

Harvest Carrot Soup

Among the guests were some fellow females I've had the honor of working with and knowing and some that were a pleasure to finally meet and spend some time with. 

One of the guests that I feel truly brought me into this amazing circle is Morgan Molitor of Construction 2 Style. Morgan deserves a blog post on her own, as she is a living and breathing example of what it is to passionately connect people to uplift one another in this crazy world we live in. Morgan's kitchen is this energetic pattern which attracts people from all walks of life. 

Construction 2 Style Diamond Backsplash

She brought all the ingredients for the ultimate cheese and charcuterie board which was a relief to me, I got to work on assembling some of it, since I am no cook. There's proof of me preparing the food, I'm the hands in the upper left. There's hope for me being in the kitchen more often. Ha. 

The ultimate cheese and charcuterie board

Working together to prepare the feast

Lea Johnson Creekwood Hill

However, we were basically saved by Erin, she assembled the bulk of this beautiful presentation. Erin Francois of Francois et Moi can style anything you bring forward, she'll add her magic and it'll be picture perfect, yet approachable. Her dreamy aesthetic is just right in so many ways. I'm in total agreement that handmade imperfect objects bring soul to a space. I originally met Erin when she graciously joined us as we styled this Minneapolis home. It's her touches and attention to the details that make me swoon and celebrate her eye for interiors and her skill of softening them:

Mid Century Modern Home Entry Tile

The meal was graced by handmade beeswax candles that Erin created, she said it was easy, but anything outside of tile, for this lady, is a feat and I respect the creativity of those around me. She's got a tutorial where she gives away her tips to making these successfully for yourself. I absolutely respect how generous she is with her knowledge and all the research that goes into making meaningful objects for the home. 

Francois et Moi beeswax candles

Next I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Kamrath of Sage E Imagery. Jennifer's impeccable skill of capturing moments in any type of lighting deserves an entire book dedicated to it. I hope she reads this, because if you browse her instagram feed, there's literally a stunning series of books waiting to happen. Her photos look like they're from another time, yet she's contemporary. There's something so unique about the way she captures life's moments. Just out of this Friendsgiving evening she made a pretty bold choice to give her business more of an investment of her time and was really reminded what a supportive community of women is like. My gauge of who I want to invest my precious spare time with, if there is such a thing as spare time, is that feeling afterward: do I feel lifted up or was this deflating? It's as simple as that. The secret to a successful Friendsgiving, and life for that matter, is finding people you admire and investing your energy into those relationships. Look out for one another. Be a champion for one another. You never know the impact it'll have. 

Friendsgiving Mosaic Centerpiece

Next we have Alyssa Greve from Project Remodel. Had the honor of gracing her backsplash of a home she put on the market and literally sold in a matter of days. Her eye for smart design coupled with marketing strategy is one I admire. Alyssa is this humble, gorgeous, intelligent woman who curates people together and connects many of us to some pretty outstanding opportunities. She's strategic, she's down to earth and her eye for success is so honed-in. Her day job is one-world, her passion is percolating, it'll be cool to see this mover and shaker build multiple careers like the boss that she is.

White Moroccan Fish Scale Backsplash

Last, but certainly not least, I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Bollis of Maven Styling. Ever wonder how great companies are built? They're typically run by hardworking, humble warriors with their nose to the grind, always working on ways to improve and never settling. That's what I got from meeting Kelly. Here she is, mother of one already, and soon to be mother of two in less than 2 weeks. She was having contractions and yet cool-as-a-cucumber mixing alcoholic and non-alcoholic Spiced Cider Cocktails for queens: all of us. I didn't have to feel awkward that I'm sober because Kelly, like a boss, had two recipes rolling. She's one of those entrepreneurs that empowers her team, trusts people, allows others to shine and is committed to taking the best care of people while tending to all the details. She's someone we all need in our corner. Thank you Kelly for running your business like a #bawse

Spiced Cider Cocktail

Friendsgiving Centerpiece

Friendsgiving Crew

Ultimately, when I left this group of women I was reminded that we had a lot to celebrate and that we all do better when we all do better. I'm thankful for friends that care and fuel each other's success. Cheers to a season filled with rising to higher heights and taking those you care about along for the journey.

Friendsgiving Cheers


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