Dreamy Transitional Tile, An Artful Living Collab

Dreamy Transitional Tile, An Artful Living Collab

An Artful Living Moment

If you’re not familiar with Minneapolis’s very own Artful Living, give your eyes a sweet treat and head to their site to be inspired and entertained. This publication elegantly highlights culture, travel, style, home, adventure, food, drink, people and so much more. Published just once a quarter, this curated magazine brings the best of the North to their audience with beautiful design and engaging content. Our female founder and tile queen Mercedes Austin has always had a soft spot in her heart for Artful Living. So when a collaboration opportunity presented itself that started with "organic conversation, relationship building, synergy and thinking outside the box" with Artful Living's president's home, it with was more than welcomed.

"Artful Living is one of those publications I’ve always admired and respected. The size of the printed page, the aesthetic of the layout and the fact that it is local and in our backyard."

- Mercedes Austin

Check out their current issue digitally on their site!

Artful LivingArtful Living Autumn 2022

Blank Slate with Design Potential

The beautiful potential of these two spaces deserved the best of the best design eye. That's where the amazing founder and creative director Julia Miller from Yond Interiors came in. Yond Interiors is another female founded company and it's located in the very same building as Mercury Mosaics - double win. Another thing we love about Yond is that they like to tell a story through sourcing materials. They honor and believe in true craftsmanship and love having the opportunity to source from smaller makers - triple win.

"What worked really well with Julia is her collaborative nature from the beginning. Her direction was incredibly grounding. Mercury Mosaics was looking for more opportunities to show off our classic tile from fresh perspectives and her vision provided a balanced approach."

- Mercedes Austin

 Check out more of Yond Interiors' timeless interior work.

Artful Living Mood Board

Dreamy Transitional Primary Bathroom

First up on our gorgeous tiled bathroom tour is the primary bath. As Mercedes said, we were keen on showing off our classics and what better place to do so than a dreamy transitional bathroom? The perfect mix between modern and traditional, this pattern alternates 4"x4"s and 2"x4"s in a trendy matte finished glaze, 912W Cloudy Sky. Mercedes perfectly describes this pattern as "classic subway tile with a popped collar". We are all for a twist on the traditional tile people are used to seeing. 

Not sure what your tile style is? Take our tile quiz.

Yond Interiors Guest BathroomYond Interiors Guest Bathroom4"x4" & 2”x4” Subway Tile - 912W Cloudy Sky
Interior Design by Yond Interiors
Photography by Amanda Birnie

Gorgeous Guest Bath with a Modern Twist

Just as impressive as the primary bath is the guest bath. This space utilizes tile in two areas: the shower and the floor. For the shower walls and niche, we stayed traditional with a cool grey in a classic 4"x4" format. For the floor, another traditional shape came into play - Small Hexagons. We modernized this classic shape with a moody color palette.

"Further nerding out, we keep the moody color selection in a matte finish, which dials back our modernization to color, but not finish by using our Matte 920 Midnight Sky."

- Mercedes Austin

For more tiled bathroom ideas, visit our blog "6 Bathroom Backsplashes of All Shapes and Sizes"

Yond Interiors Primary BathroomYond Interiors Primary BathroomSmall Hexagons - 920 Midnight Sky
Bullnose and 4”x4” Subway Tile - 77E Grey
Interior Design by Yond Interiors
Photography by Amanda Birnie

Artful Living North Notables 

We are so excited about this little piece of magic as a result of this collaboration. Featured in their latest autumn issue of the North Notables section is our new Design Studio and how it came to be.

'“We’re here to wake up your walls in a way that’s thoughtful and beautiful,” Austin explains. “And we invite you to participate in how that looks. We’re super old-school, so you can talk to us and be pen pals with us. But we’re also very forward-thinking, so you can interact with us on your iPad, too. You choose your own journey.”' 

- Artful Living, North Notables Autumn 2022.

Head over to their site to read the full article.


North Notables Artful LivingArtful Living Autumn 2022 

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