Dream Kitchen For Baking Tile-Inspired Cookies

Dream Kitchen For Baking Tile-Inspired Cookies

Have you heard us calling Mercury Mosaics employees Tile Elves? This name came from a joke about how it looks like we're baking racks of cookies rather than handmade tile. Our tile is hand-cut, glazed and "baked" just like a sugar cookie, plus we think our employee's are magic. For this holiday season, we took the analogy to the next level and made Moroccan Fish Scale sugar cookies in a dream baking kitchen. We're not sure what's yummier, the glossy kitchen tile backsplash design or the cookies! 

About the Kitchen Backsplash:  

Beautiful kitchen tile backsplash designs don't have to be complex. This kitchen utilizes one high variation color, two sizes of subway tile, and pencil liners- but lacks no excitement. An easy herringbone contrast for the stove splash along the bar wall provides an interesting contrast without a lot of extra customization. No need to overthink it. 

Dreamy Tile Kitchen BacksplashTeal Kitchen Backsplash Tile Detail

2”x4”3”x8” Subway TilePencil Liners in 1065 Mint Julep.

It's All in the Details...

When planning a kitchen remodel, it's easy to get lost in the fun design part, but sometimes it's all about the little details. When you talk with someone from our sales team we'll ensure that these don't go unnoticed because they can make or break an installation. For little additional cost, the owner of this kitchen added pencil liners for a smooth and clean transition from the stove splash to the remaining backsplash. 

Dream Kitchen Green Tile

Tile-Inspired Cookies: 

To make our tile-inspired cookies we followed the recipes from The Faux Martha, Decorator Cookies blog. From there we simply made a custom Moroccan Fish Scale cookie cutter and we were off to the races. We agree that a kitchen filled with fresh baked goods is the best decoration, right? 

Moroccan Fish Scale Cookies Kitchen

More Inspiration: 

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Mint Julep Kitchen

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    What color grout did you use in your beautiful kitchen?

  • Mercury Mosaics

    Thanks Colleen!

  • colleen

    Great example of how you can create a one-of-a-kind look with interest and movement all while sticking with a single color palette.

    Also, I think I need my own cookie cutter – that would be a fun thing to sell- all the geometric shapes as cookie cutters!

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