Bluestone Lane Floor to Ceiling Tile Entry

Bluestone Lane Floor to Ceiling Tile Entry

Coffee, flowers and floor to ceiling tile? What more could you possibly want? Bluestone Lane made all of our dreams comes true with this magical tiled portal. This flower and coffee shop located in the heart of West Hollywood is nothing short of breathtaking...

History in the Making

This isn't our first rodeo with Bluestone Lane Coffee. It's been a long, beautiful and challenging tile journey with the Australian rooted coffee shop. Starting in 2014, we fell in love with their story and they fell in love with our tile. They've taken some of our favorite shapes and glazes and turned them into masterpieces. With their mission of creating "genuine daily escapes for all the locals" and our mission of spreading the love of handmade ceramics, we've managed to merge our two brands to create some beautiful spaces.

Completely inspired by the founder of Bluestone Lane, Nick Stone, our mover & shaker, Mercedes, says

"I have a lot of respect for our client and his story. I read about his dreams, since the age of 14 he had a vision to come to America and work in NYC. Clearly he has taken it much further than that & has created a wave of inspiration for our culture not only to believe in your dreams but that if you keep your sights set on the vision, you can take people with you – you can create a movement. It all starts with your imagination."

Photography (Top): @Misskrisy, @bluestonelane@reidycreative
Middle: @bluestonelane, @rightfootcreative_, @rokkan

The Inspiration

Bluestone Lane Coffee is influenced from the coffee culture hub of Melbourne, Australia where good coffee is a way of life. Bluestone has been on a journey to change people's perception of coffee, similar to how we've been on a journey to change people's perception of tile. In each shop they open, they strive to create an escape for the locals. In doing so, they've taken parts of Australian design to make some seriously inspirational spaces.

Historically, Australian design has been a personal mixture of handmade and natural materials because it's always been a nightmare to ship products to Australia. There's a casualness and playfulness in their interiors that you don't find elsewhere. That being said, an easily accessed coffee shop that's filled to the brim with handmade tile, colorful accents, and fresh flowers was a must for this Australian inspired West Hollywood shop.

Photography: (Top) @hiveandhum 
Bottom Left: @alipiotrowski
Bottom Right: @rivetingflowers

The Design

After taking the New York coffee scene by storm, Bluestone Lane hit the West Coast to make their lasting mark. While their usual cup of tea...(or coffee) is our classic Subway tile, they decided to mix it up and use our Large Moroccan Fish Scales in two patterns for the entry and subway tiling flowing into the cafe. With a design as complex as this, the details are crucial. A Industrial deserves a standing ovation for their craftsmanship on this installation. This magical space is covered with tile on all four walls that creates a cascading waterfall effect.

When transitioning from wall to floor with the same shape, we recommend letting the tile flow seamlessly as if the piece of tile is wrapping around the corner. This creates the illusion that the tile is flowing from one surface to the next.

To read more about floor to wall tile transitions, head over to our blog "Floor to Wall Tile Transition Ideas"

Face of Soffit: Large Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave - 12 Blue Bell, 32 Canton Jade, 1065 Mint Julep
Slanted Top of Soffit: Large Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave - 12 Blue Bell, 32 Canton Jade, 1065 Mint Julep
Left and Right Walls: Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 12 Blue Bell, 32 Canton Jade, 1065 Mint Julep, 1017E Sea Mist, 101 Lagoon, 1036W Bluegrass
Floor: Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1017E Sea Mist, 101 Lagoon, 1036W Bluegrass
Inside: 2"x6" Subway Tile - 1017E Sea Mist

The Results

More beautiful than we ever could have imagined, this tiled entryway has become a hotspot for photo opts in Hollywood. As artists who thrive to create and spread our craft around the world; we admire Bluestone Lane’s passion to share their craft of quality coffee and their drive to create a wonderful experience with the attention to good design. We can't wait for our next Bluestone Lane project! 

Photography (Top): @amycedar
Second Row: @hellowhitney@lauriebstyle
Third Row: @teddypuggle
Fourth Row: @theadventuresof_flynn, @ernestthebasenji


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