Black Lake Place Triangle Kitchen Backsplash

Black Lake Place Triangle Kitchen Backsplash

The ballots are in and Triangles are taking the lead in the tile world! We teamed up with our friends at Construction2Style to create an oven backsplash for their first flipper house that is definitely something to write home about. One part light and airy Mid-Century Modern vibes and another part just downright happy vibes, continue reading to get the full scoop behind the Black Lake Place kitchen!


When we heard that our friends at Construction2Style were investing in their first flip house, we were squirming in our seats to get started. If you’re not familiar with their team, we highly recommend checking them out. We would say that everything they touch turns to gold but that makes what they do sound too easy. This team’s ambition, work-ethic, style, and overall eye for design is what makes their remodels that good. Our first adventure with Morgan and Jamie from C2S was their custom kitchen backsplash in 2017. We love when clients are willing to take a risk and this duo is always more than willing to step outside the box.

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Construction2StyleMedium Diamonds - 130 White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 815W Light Grey, 155 Steel, 912W Cloudy Sky, 366 Satin Black, 613 Black 2"x6" Subway Tile - 130 White.
Interior Designer - Construction2Style
Photography - Samantha Carter Photography

The Direction

We love making a statement with tile and this mood board created by Construction2Style sums it up pretty well with a "bold backsplash". They wanted a space that was light and airy to contrast with a pop of colorful tile. The direction for this project was inspired by our Large Triangles at the Foxwell Shoppe. It's the perfect blend of coziness and sophistication. We also adore their attention to detail by incorporating white oak floating shelves to show off more tile and gold fixtures to complement the wooden elements. This mood board made us eager to get started creating something special.

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Black Lake Place Moodboard1. Hardware | 2. Flooring | 3. Pendant Lights  | 4. Sink | 5. Faucet | 6. Glass Rinser | 7. Oven/Range  | 8. Fridge | 9. Dishwasher | 10. Downdraft |11. Floating Shelves

Design Process

The design process is always one of our favorite parts of a project. It gives us the chance to create that one-of-a-kind project just for you. In this case, Morgan of Construction2Style said her own custom kitchen backsplash not only makes her smile everyday but it's a dose of daily inspiration and she wanted the new homeowners of Black Lake to feel the same. 

Since the home was on a lake, they wanted the backsplash to encompass pure nature vibes. We got to work on finding the perfect blend inspired by the great outdoors and ended on a mixture of colors that was nothing short of irresistible. So irresistible that we named the blend after Morgan and Jamie's first born son to pay homage to their first born flipper house. The Greyson Blend is made up of the coziest earthy palette of cool and warm hues with a mixture of different textures and variations. It's even the debut of our newest glaze colors: 911 Stardust and 205 Cider!

As for the tile shape, Triangles were a must. They are trendy, timeless and just too good to pass up. Plus did you know that Triangles symbolize power, progression, and purpose? We would take a side of that with our morning coffee any day!

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92%: 911 Stardust, 28 Everglades, 22E Blue Opal, 366 Satin Black, & 65W Amber 8%: 205 CiderLarge Triangles - Greyson BlendLarge Triangles - Greyson Blend
Photographer - Chelsie Lopez Productions


Did you know that our layout artists meticulously lay tile by tile onto mesh sheeting to ensure an easy installation? Although the folks at Construction2Style are expert installers, having mesh sheets makes the process a breeze. Our projects range from standard one shape/one glaze combinations to 12 shape/100 glaze combinations. No matter the degree of complexity, we'll try our best to make it easy for you! Every piece of tile goes through at least 9 pairs of hands before it is ready to ship, that means your space will have a personal and livable feeling that you just can't find elsewhere. 

To learn more about our layout process, visit our blog "Mesh Sheets - the Answer to your Install Questions"

Black Lake Place Triangle Kitchen BacksplashBlack Lake Place Triangle Kitchen BacksplashLarge Triangles - Greyson Blend
Installation - Construction2Style
Photographer - Chelsie Lopez Productions

The Results 

Better than we ever could have imagined, this kitchen blew all of our expectations out of the water. The gorgeous geometry of our Large Triangles in the Greyson Blend is a match made in heaven for this space. This welcoming backsplash is the perfect complement to the gorgeous white oak cabinetry from Regalwood Cabinetry and white countertops with soft green veining from our friends at Cambria. Plus, the Delta Broderick plumbing fixtures in champagne bronze have us swooning. It's all in the details for this masterpiece of a kitchen!

To read more about this Black Lake project, visit Construction2Style's blog!

Black Lake Place Triangle Kitchen BacksplashBlack Lake Place Triangle Kitchen BacksplashBlack Lake Place Triangle Kitchen BacksplashBlack Lake Place Triangle Kitchen BacksplashBlack Lake Place Triangle Kitchen BacksplashLarge Triangles - Greyson Blend
Interior Designer and Installation - Construction2Style
Photographer - Chelsie Lopez Production

Blends By You

Construction2Style hit the ball out of the park with this blend. So much so that we had to name it after their first born son: Greyson. They worked with our designers to come up with this cozy Scandinavian inspired blend to match the personality of their light and airy flipper house. I think we can all agree that no two personalities are the same so why should their spaces be? We’re on a mission to break the the barrier of bland tile and give our clients exactly what they’ve been dreaming of. So we want to know - What does your personalized blend look like? Let us know here!

Glaze Color Blends

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