Best of the Blues: 9 Projects to Inspire

Best of the Blues: 9 Projects to Inspire

If there's one thing we're certain of at Mercury Mosaics it's that we've got a knack for blue tile. We're all across the spectrum when it comes to this hue. From baby blue to vibrant sapphire to night sky navy, we're pretty darn proud of our blue tile color palette. Continue reading to see 9 of our favorite projects that'll leave you feeling anything but blue!

1. Best of Dark Blue Tile

  • 61 Navy

First on the list of our favorite dark blue tile is 61 Navy. Make your backsplash, shower wall, or entry way dazzle like the night sky with this low-variation yet richly opaque glaze color in Geo-Star pattern. This blue tile color is the perfect way to add a welcoming splash of color without overwhelming the space. 

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61 NavyGeo-Star - 61 Navy

  • 21W Cobalt

Next up on our tour of dark blue tile is our 21W Cobalt. The color cobalt is known to symbolize ingenuity and we can whole heartedly attest to that with this rich glaze color. With it's medium variation and electrifying details, this silvery blue hue will add dimension to your home in any setting.

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21W Cobalt3"x 6" Subway Tile - 21W Cobalt
Photography - @Normalmannn

2. Best of Light Blue Tile 

  • 12W Blue Bell

Our 12W Blue Bell is a little piece of eye-candy in the glaze world. It's a textured baby blue glaze with a glossy finish and medium variation. This is the perfect option to give your home a little heavenly taste of blue. Transform your shower into a tropical oasis or brighten up your morning coffee view with this soft and peaceful hue. 

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45W My Blue Heaven3"x8" Subway Tile - 12W Blue Bell
Photography - Marissa Cramer

  • 12R Blue Bell 

This glaze is partner in crime to the beloved 12W Blue Bell. You'll notice the only difference in their names is the letter in front. This letter represents the type of clay used for the tile. Over the years, we've noticed that different glazes respond uniquely to different clay bodies so we had to keep both on our blue color palette. We love the way 12R Blue Bell shows it's textured details and reddish-brown undertones.

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12R Blue BellLarge Moroccan Fish Scales - 12R Blue Bell

3. Best of Vibrant Blue Tile

  • 1015E Caribbean Blue

A long tile favorite glaze of ours in the blue tile category is 1015E Caribbean Blue. This bright turquoise-blue glaze has a glossy finish and a medium/high variation. Transform your kitchen into an exciting statement or turn your bathroom into a tropical oasis, this blue glaze offers endless options for your home.

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1015E Caribbean BlueMedium Diamonds - 1015E Caribbean Blue

  • 23 Sapphire Blue

Our 23 Sapphire Blue glaze speaks for itself in the vibrancy category. This electric glaze color is a textured, true sapphire blue with black lowlights in a glossy finish and med/high variation. This blue glaze color has incredible depth and character. Plus this glaze color is shockingly similar to Pantone's 2020 Color of the year Classic Blue. Good choice, Pantone

Visit our blog for more ways to use this glaze, "Tile Design Ideas Using Pantone's Color of the Year"

23 Sapphire Blue3/4"x6" V-Caps, 3"x8" Subway Tile, - 23 Sapphire Blue.
Photography - Pencil Shavings Studio.

4. Best of Variation in Blue Tile

  • 1013 Denim

Just like your favorite pair of blue jeans, our 1013 Denim glaze is totally irresistible. This semi-transparent Prussian blue glaze has a glossy crackle finish and medium/high variation. It's the perfect option for a bathroom or mudroom because it's gritty, crackle finish hides all the unwanted dirt that inevitably sneaks into these high-traffic spaces.

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1013 DenimSmall Hexagons - 1013 Denim

  • 22E Blue Opal

Opal gemstones are known to have a whole array of mystical variation and and the same goes for our 22E Blue Opal glaze. This showstopper of a glaze has a beautiful powdered texture with a matte finish and high variation. Dipping its toes into all sorts of hues like light grays, muted aquas and soft blues, this glaze color is pure magic.

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22E Blue Opal2″x6″ Subway Tile in Herringbone Pattern – 22E Blue Opal.

5. Best of Blue Tile Blends 

  • Denim Blend

Last but certainly not least, our Denim Blend! Sometimes more is more and that's definitely the case with our curated glaze blends. This past year as many people settled into their homes, we saw clients shy away from minimalist designs and embrace bold blends as a way to bring personality and comfort into their spaces. This blue tile blend consists of the perfect mixture of 1013 Denim, 33 Vivid Blue, 21W Cobalt.

For more blends, visit our blog "7 Favorite Color Blends"

Denim BlendSmall Triangles - Denim Blend

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