A Multi-Room Tile Tour with the Joinery

A Multi-Room Tile Tour with the Joinery

From an ombré bathroom backsplash to a dark-and-moody statement wall, this family home beautifully captures why herringbone tile is one of our most popular patterns – it’s simple and versatile, classic and contemporary. The incredibly talented husband and wife team at Joinery & Design Co. incorporated a modern Scandinavian look throughout the entire space, using different colors and variations of our artisan handmade tile to complement the home’s light, airy and organic ambience.

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First stop, the primary bathroom. Like the rest of the home, the bathroom has a modern Scandinavian aesthetic that includes natural wood cabinetry along with brass and bronze finishes. We stayed true to the room’s style by opting for neutral colors and glazes. 

Using only one glaze color, the bright white tile shower features our 2x6 herringbone tile in 130 White. But don’t be fooled: Though we used one glaze color, the end result is anything but homogenous. This specific glaze is semi-transparent and high variation, which through our handmade process, creates a naturalistic color range throughout the tile. The tile comes together to form a look that’s bright and sophisticated without being uniform and sterile.

Like the shower, the vanity backsplash utilizes neutral colors that complement the modern vibe. For the backsplash, we arranged the herringbone pattern of white and gray tile to create an ombré design, adding subtle movement to the bathroom space. 

Who says laundry rooms have to be basic? Leave it to the team at Joinery & Design Co. to come up with the ultimate laundry room. The Pollio family laundry room boasts a bold statement wall that features herringbone tile in a moody green hue. The dark green perfectly contrasts the room’s white walls and natural wood cabinets, further completing the Scandinavian look. The open shelves along the backsplash are one of the many things we love about this laundry room – they’re equal parts practical and minimalist chic. Find more laundry room tile ideas here.

It’s hard not to fall in love with herringbone tile, especially after a quick glimpse into the Pollio home. If you’re eager to add herringbone tile to your own house, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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