8 Gorgeous Bathrooms That Use Moroccan Fish Scales

8 Gorgeous Bathrooms That Use Moroccan Fish Scales

Embrace your inner mermaid and use Moroccan Fish Scales for your next bathroom remodel. This is one of our most popular tiles - and for good reason! Always eye-catching, the scalloped shape can be used in many ways. Get some new tile ideas with these 8 beautiful bathroom designs.

1. Minimal and Matte

Bring a minimal and sophisticated look to this shape by using a matte glaze color. This beautiful detail creates an elegant texture that won't go unnoticed. We love our 366 Satin Black color, the dark hue absorbs the light, showing off an extraordinary texture. 

Love the minimal look? Read our blog for more Minimalist Tile Concepts.Black Matte Moroccan Fish Scale Bathroom

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 366 Satin Black.

#goodswithintention via @willfulgoods

2. Moroccan Fish Scale Statement Wall

Whether you tile a partial or full wall, pick a color that will make it a statement! Moroccan Fish Scales stand on their own, no need to sugarcoat this shape with an elaborate design. Let the wall pop even more by contrasting the rest of the interior with light neutrals.

Sea Mist Claw Foot Tub 

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1017E Sea Mist.

Architect: @alexandrabarker Photo: @fdphotonyc

3. Brighten Small Spaces

Make your small bathroom seem larger by using white Moroccan Fish Scales. Light colors will brighten the room, and the curved shape expands the perceived visual space. Find more photos of this stunning bathroom with our blog "How to Tile a Small Space on a Budget."Zibble White MFS Bathroom

Large Moroccan Fish Scales – 301 Marshmallow

4. Add a Custom Plant Holder

Freshen your bathroom with flower buds by adding custom plant holders to your tile installation. Incorporating plant life to your bathroom is a little touch that will make a huge difference. These sweet tiny plant holders are easy to customize for any shape, just fill out a free quote form to get started!

Pink Moroccan Fish Scale Planter

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 309E Grapefruit.

5. Speckled Coloring

Want to include multiple colors without having the coloring overpower the entire bathroom? We adore this speckled look. Create it by having a neutral base with sparse pops of color. Double points if you can get the glaze color to match your hardware like our friends at Kinetic Build Design

Speckled Gray Moroccan Fish Scale Shower

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 11 Deco White, 130 White, 60 Silver Lining, 815W Light Grey.

Photo: @kineticdesignbuild

6. Contrasting Tile Shapes

Contrasting Moroccan Fish Scales with a more iconic shape like Subway Tile is a sophisticated way to let the shape pop. We adore this example from a bathroom that construction2style designed. The rich hand-painted coloring of 1017E Sea Mist stands out beautifully when placed next to an opaque white. 

Sea Mist Moroccan Fish Scale Niche

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1017E Sea Mist.

Photo: construction2style

7. Moroccan Fish Scale - Wave Pattern 

Take the beachy vibes to the next level by making the wave pattern with your Moroccan Fish Scales! This mesmerizing pattern is the perfect way to start your day in the shower. In the beautiful bathroom design project below, we simply created the pattern by radiating lines from the center of the layout, for an elaborate maximalist look.

Wave Pattern MFS Shower

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - Wave Pattern. Custom Colors. 

Photo: @byjessicarey 

8. Color Variation with Sea Mist

We love Sea Mist.  Not only does it go with the beach-bathroom theme, but it also has beautiful variation. When you pick a high variation glaze like Sea Mist, you get multiple shades of the same color creating a stunning organic coloring. It's the perfect option for someone who loves the monochromatic look. See more ways to use this color with Moroccan Fish Scales on our Blog "11 Ways to Incorporate Your Favorite Mermaid Shape!"

Sea Mist Modern Accent Stripe

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1017E Sea Mist.

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