6 Subway Tile Projects Inspired by Moroccan Zellige Tile

6 Subway Tile Projects Inspired by Moroccan Zellige Tile

Did you know that ceramic Zellige tile is one of the earliest forms of what we now call Subway tile? Yes, Zellige tile precedes the classic New York City Subway tile by about a thousand years but it is one of the first iterations of this traditional style. Nowadays, Subway tile can be dressed up or dressed down with different materials, mixed shapes, or funky patterns. Our handmade ceramic Subway tile is totally in its own lane, with many similarities and differences to the exotic Moroccan tile style. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Controlled Variation

Similar to Zellige tile, no two of our ceramic tiles are the same due to the handmade process of hand-shaping, glazing, drying and firing. However, through meticulous experimentation and trial and error, we've reduced our glaze variation down to a science. So much so that if you visit our Color Palette, you'll see that we've categorized our glaze colors from low variation to high variation so you'll always have an idea of the range of hues and handmade details you can expect with our tile.

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Blue Opal Stacked Square Backsplash3"x3" Subway Tile - 22E Blue Opal
Interior Design by Construction2Style
Photography by Chelsie Lopez Production

2. Handmade Tile.. on the Floor!

Due to the raw and natural elements of the Moroccan clay used in Zellige tile, it leaves the final product uneven and rather bumpy. While this type of tile can be gorgeous in some spaces, it's not always ideal for flooring. With our artisan tile, you can achieve the same variation and handmade character without the lumpy surface area. We adore this fresh herringbone floor look using 3"x6" Subway in our beautifully breezy 214 Coastal Breeze.

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Coastal Breeze Herringbone Bathroom Floor Tile3"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 214 Coastal Breeze
Interior Design by Bowerbird Architects
Photography by Matthew Williams

3. The Beauty of Mixing Shapes

Traditional Zellige art was known for decorative patterns with geometric shapes and exciting patterns. If you find yourself scrolling through different ceramic tile types on Pinterest, you'll notice that today's Zellige tiles are often stacked squares in neutral tones. While this look is undoubtedly trendy, we love giving people the option to branch out with mixing tile shapes and sizes. We appreciate this client's twist on a stacked square backsplash because it adds an extra layer of character. Plus, we love the close up shots that show all the imperfect perfect details that our 130 White glaze has to offer. 

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White Subway Tile Backsplash
2”x4” & 4”x4” Subway - 130 White
Interior Design by Pinnacle Interior Designs
Photography by Height Advantages
Remodeling by Landmark Remodeling

4. Cleaning Made Easy

Due to the nature of Zellige tile, it's not usually recommended for high traffic areas due to its rippled texture. The stone-like texture and protruding pockets make this type of tile more difficult to clean than others. If you're looking for a durable and easy to clean tile that offers handmade quality and detail, look no further! The durability and simplicity to maintain makes it a no-brainer for your bathroom, kitchen, or floor. 

Learn more about how to clean our ceramic tile, "How To Clean Ceramic Tile"

Bluegrass Stacked Subway Tile Bathroom3"x8" Subway Tile - 1036W Bluegrass.
Interior Design by 
Heather Fox
Photography by Tommy Mathews

5. The Look of Luxury

Much like Zellige tile, our handmade tile offers a look of luxury that big-box tile or factory tile simply can't achieve. This jaw-dropping backsplash is making quite the luxurious statement in this Redstone Interiors kitchen. We love how our tile can achieve a refined look of luxury while still holding true to its handmade nature. From glossy emeralds to iridescent steels, our Color Palette shows off a variety of rich glaze colors. 

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Steel Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash2"x6" Herringbone - 155 Steel
Interior Design by Redstone Interiors
Photography by Spacecrafting Photography
Building by Steiner & Koppelman

6. Twist on a Classic

Traditional Zellige tile dates all the way to 10th century Morocco. In its purest, most authentic form, Zellige tile is sourced and created from natural clay from the Fez area of Morocco. This said, it could be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for with this classic art form. With our handmade tile, we pride ourselves in being able to do just about anything with tile. From exciting colors and funky patterns to custom tiled lettering, our designers are available to help you achieve the exact look you're looking for!

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Marigold Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash2"x6" Subway Stacked - Custom Color
Interior Design by Emily Pueringer Design
Contractor Quality Cut Design Remodel
Photography by Rubinski Visual

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