6 Emerald Green Tiled Kitchen Backsplash Designs

6 Emerald Green Tiled Kitchen Backsplash Designs
The classic green kitchen trend had been around for decades. We've seen the pastel sea foam kitchens of the 50s, the bright and bold lime greens of the 60s, and the Mid-Century Modern olive greens of the 70s. So what colored kitchens are we seeing now? You guessed it! Emerald. Emerald green kitchen designs are blowing up in the design world and we are so here for it. Continue reading to see 6 ways to incorporate an emerald green backsplash into your next kitchen renovation...

1. Emerald Green Diamond Kitchen Bar Nook

This kitchen bar backsplash by Minneapolis designer Kari Campbell Interiors is our most recent proof that Emerald green tile and natural wood are a match made in heaven. This designer's vibe is high-end, laid-back living and in this emerald kitchen bar backsplash is checking all the right boxes. The delectably glossy finish and medium variation of the green emerald tile shows the true luxury and handmade quality of the tile.

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2. Emerald Green Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash

Another show stopping pattern in our Emerald glaze is our signature 2"x6" Herringbone.  Pencil Shavings Studio hit the ball out of the park with this gorgeous emerald herringbone kitchen backsplash. We adore all the small details including the bullnose trim flawlessly lining the sink window. One of the many things we admire about this boho chic kitchen renovation is the use of bold colors and patterns while keeping it classy with a bright white surround.

Emerald Green Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash

3. Emerald Diamond Kitchen Bar Backsplash

There’s so much to love about this kitchen bar, but if we had to pick one aspect it would have to be the dazzling emerald backsplash. Emily Pueringer changed the game with this kitchen bar design. The geometric diamond pattern makes the emerald tile backsplash feel fun and playful, while the white cabinetry and brass hardware give the overall look a polished, mid-century modern vibe. 

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Emerald Diamond Kitchen

4. Boho Triangle Emerald Kitchen Backsplash

Mustard May is showing off her beautiful bohemian style with this kitchen backsplash comprised of Small Triangles in 75 Emerald. We admire this homeowner's creativity by choosing a trendy triangle tile rather than the tried and true diamond or herringbone pattern. This emerald kitchen triangle backsplash is a winner is our book. We also are love the added greenery, terracotta trinkets and and natural rattan elements of this beautifully boho space. 

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Emerald Green Triangle Tile Kitchen BacksplashSmall Triangles - 75 Emerald 
Photography and Interior Design by Mustard May I

5. Earthy Emerald Kitchen Backsplash

Our Medium Diamonds in 75 Emerald have been a true tile staple in the design world. We typically see emerald kitchens with an all white surround or blonde natural wood. What makes this kitchen so special is the richness that a dark warm cabinetry surround can bring to our Emerald glaze. It shows off every gorgeous jewel tone and brilliant hue this glaze has to offer.

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 Emerald Green Diamond Kitchen BacksplashMedium Diamonds - 75 Emerald
Interior Design by Hendley and Co
Photography by Bone Design

6. Boho Green Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash

Last but certainly not least is this gorgeous green emerald backsplash by designer Bari J. Bari is a true master of color and pattern and immediately fell in love with our 2"x6" Herringbone in 75 Emerald for her first kitchen renovation. We love the versatility of emerald green kitchen designs - they've proven that they can be eclectic, boho, glam or Mid-Century Modern. What style of emerald green kitchen backsplash would you go for?

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 Green Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash2"x6" Herringbone - 75 Emerald
Interior Design & Photography by Bari J 

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