6 Boho Projects for Springtime

6 Boho Projects for Springtime

Turn your home or office space into a free-spirited space full of personality with bohemian inspired elements! Boho interiors are all about bold colors, playful patterns, layers of texture and trinkets, and artistic elements. Our artisan made ceramic tiles are the perfect addition to this whimsical interior style, especially in bold greens and deep teals. Ready to embrace the bohemian style? Continue reading to see 6 of our favorite boho projects and learn tips on how you can transform your space. 

1. Add a Fun Tile Shape

When thinking about tile for your boho inspired space, don’t be afraid to lean towards something unique and fun. This interior style embraces those who step out of the box, and 188 sqft did just that when they decided to remodel their RV and add tile to their small kitchen. A fun and dynamic tile shape, such as our Small Hexagons, was the perfect eye-catching tile choice for this kitchen. This tile shape not only adds character, but a layer of texture and depth making the space appear larger. Having an organic edge creates a playful element to this boho kitchen backsplash and the open shelves are the cherry on top. 

For more about this RV remodel, visit our blog “Bohemian Backsplash 188 Sqft Remodeled RV

Small Hexagon Tiled Bohemian Kitchen

Small Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass
Photography - 188sqft

2. Mix Organic & Natural Elements into Your Space

One of the most exciting parts of a boho renovation is mixing organic and natural elements into the overall design! You can go big and add reclaimed wood to your space or go smaller and sprinkle potted plants around the house or office. We fell in love with this kitchen and all the natural elements seen throughout. Our Small Triangle tiles are sustainable, adding an organic and earth friendly touch to the space. Butcher block countertops, wooden shelves, and potted plants give a nod to nature and make the emerald tile pop. Little details like these go a long way!

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Bohemian Kitchen with Triangle Handmade Tile

Small Triangles - 75 Emerald
Interior Design & Photography - Mustard May I

3. Playful Patterns

Patterns are all the range in boho interiors. From wallpapers, to rugs, to backsplashes, there are countless ways you can incorporate a playful pattern into  your bohemian design. This next boho idea is all about tile patterns, specifically a beautiful bathroom floor. One of our newest obsessions is creating the perfect pattern with tile, so we had a great time creating this beautiful pattern with our clients, the DeRushas, and designer extraordinaire, Construction2Style. This pattern is filled with variation and smaller tile pieces to create a one-of-a-kind feel. If you’re interested in a floor pattern, contact us! We’re happy to help bring your tile dreams to life. 

To learn more about this bathroom renovation, visit our blog "Bohemian Bathroom Remodel with Handmade Tile” 

Boho Bathroom with Playful Patterned Floor

Walls - 3”x6” Subway Tile - 1036W Bluegrass
Floor - London Pattern - 901E Evening Shadow, 958 Rainforest, 1036W Bluegrass, 366 Satin Black, 28 Everglades
Interior Design - Construction2Style
Photography - Emily Johnson Photography

4. Bold Colors

Step out of your comfort zone and welcome bold colors to your home or office. Jewel toned colors like emerald green and ruby red are often seen in a boho inspired room, so there’s no surprise that this kitchen backsplash includes just that. Our emerald glaze is bold yet relaxing, making it an ideal fit in a boho kitchen. We adore the striking color and pattern of this backsplash and how the white cabinets and countertops keep things fresh and timeless. If you’re not totally crazy about a space full of bold colors, then use one or two colors as a statement. 

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Light and Bright Herringbone Tile Boho Backsplash

2”x6” Herringbone Pattern - 75 Emerald
Photography - Pencil Shavings Studio

5. Create a Striking Focal Point

Make handmade tile the focal point of your boho inspired space by tiling multiple surfaces of one room or by including tile in multiple rooms. This bohemian bungalow went all out and tiled multiple walls using our Large Hexagons in 1036W Bluegrass. The bungalow, located in Nashville, is adorned with vintage pieces, bold colors and patterns, and has a modern jungle/bohemian feel.These charming honeycomb shaped tiles fit right in with the rest of the home, and create a beautiful focal point which can be seen from the living and dining room. The glossy deep teal glaze pairs flawlessly with the warm tones of the wood and light fixtures. 

For more about this boho bungalow, visit our blog “Stay in a Cozy Nashville Home with Our Tile

Bohemian Bungalow with Teal Tile Backsplash

Large Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass

6. Pair Wallpaper with Tile

If you want total boho bliss, then pairing wallpaper with tile is the way to go! The first step is to find your dream tile shape and color on our website. You can order a sample or come into our showroom and see the tile in person. Next, find a wallpaper with colors that coordinate well with the tile. You don’t want to pick one that perfectly matches the tile as it can become overwhelming. Lastly, position the wallpaper and tile to your liking! You can go the more traditional route and have the tile and wallpaper on neighboring walls, like this bathroom, or put tile on half of a wall with the wallpaper on the other half.

For bathroom tile inspiration, visit our blog “6 Bathroom Backsplashes of All Shapes & Sizes

Bohemian Bathroom with Hexagon Tiled Wall

Large Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass
Interior Design - Construction2Style & Adorned Homes
Photography - Chelsie Lopez Production

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