Samples - Craftsman Squares

Craftsman Squares Sample Pack
Craftsman Squares Sample Pack
Craftsman Squares Sample Pack
$35 per pack

Not sure which Craftsman Squares color you want? Fan of this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired tile? Try our curated ceramic craftsman tile sample pack! We've pulled together a swatch of Old Copper Craftsman Squares to give you a sense of the pattern. Additionally, we've included the other colors we offer in this collection with our backsplash tile samples!

About This Ceramic Tile Sample Pack

  • Sold by the pack:

  • 1 Small Craftsman Squares swatch in: 913 Old Copper 

  • 2" x 2" color chips to show recommended Bubble-colors in: 22E Blue Opal, 912W Cloudy Sky, 104 Fireluster, 920 Midnight Sky, 913 Old Copper, 123R Patina

  • Thickness: 1/4”

  • Shipping: Shipping costs are included

  • Lead Times: For our curated sample packs: allow 5 Business days to fulfill

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