Multi-Room Tile Tour: Shed Tiny House

Multi-Room Tile Tour: Shed Tiny House

Passionate DIYers are bound to admire this week’s multi-room tile tour featuring the Garlow family of Shed Tiny House home bathroom and kitchen. Perhaps most impressive is the bathroom, an 18-month-long remodel that spanned a pandemic, civil unrest and a newborn baby. The end result is a stunning bathroom and soaking nook that feels more like a modern, minimalist spa than anything. Come take a look at the Garlow family's impressive DIY bathroom remodel, featuring Mercury Mosaic’s handmade tile

1. Soaking Tub

First up, the soaking tub. Robert and Samantha Garlow of Shed Tiny House decided that they wanted to transform an unused corner of their bedroom into a soaking nook, creating a hybrid-like space that would act as the transition between the bedroom and the primary bathroom. The idea of a soaking nook already had us hooked, but the final execution makes us want to go and install floor-to-ceiling slat-wood walls too. Channeling a minimalist Scandinavian look-and-feel, Robert used Douglas Fir to single-handedly install the slat-wood walls. A modern, free-standing tub acts as the room’s focal point, complemented by matte black finishes. 

When designing a feature wall for the shower nook, Robert and the Mercury Mosaics team landed on large hexagon tiles in Old Copper. The earthy, teal shade fits the bathroom’s mellow and natural vibe and works harmoniously with the slatted wood walls. In order to add a little more texture and greenery, Mercedes Austin, founder of Mercury Mosaics, incorporated tile planters throughout the design that could house tiny plants. This simple way of bringing the outdoors in isn’t just an up-and-coming tile trend; it works perfectly within the organic feel of the shower nook.

Custom Tile Planters and Large Hexagons - 913 Old Copper
Interior Designer & Photographer - Shed Tiny House

2. Statement Shower

The soaking nook leads into the next featured room on our tile tour, the primary bath. Similar to the soaking nook, the Garlow family wanted the bathroom to be a simple, timeless space that was minimalist and lacking any busy details or clutter. The curbless shower, floating vanity and sleek recessed medicine cabinets work together to achieve the couple’s modern minimalist dream. Keeping the fixtures and finishes uncomplicated allowed the tile design to really shine, too. 
While the tile looks fairly simple from a distance, a closer look reveals a complex and elegant pattern. A continuous mosaic wraps around the bathroom walls, gradually changing shapes, hues and finish. This collectively utilized seven different types of tile: The colors transform from gray to white in an ombre-like tile effect, encompassing a total of four different tile tones, and move from large, hexagon-shaped tile to medium diamonds. Additionally, the tile finish gradually moves from high-gloss to matte as well. As with everything throughout this project, Robert hung the tile himself using our easy-to-install mesh sheets. 

3. Geometric Kitchen

Before undertaking the bathroom remodel, Robert had plenty of practice renovating the kitchen. Similar to the bathroom, the kitchen was updated to honor the home’s historic charm while incorporating modern design. Sleek, matte gray cabinets are finished off with solid brass finishes, while an exposed brick wall houses wines and spirits. Designing and installing the kitchen backsplash was the product of a month-long collaboration, inclusive of kiln tests to narrow in on the perfect green tile. Together we landed on Spanish Moss, an olive-y green tile, for the kitchen backsplash and used a mix of large hexagon and medium diamond tiles throughout. Like the soaking nook, the green-hued tile adds an organic feel to the kitchen's modern mood. 
Geo-Hex Pattern - Custom Color.
Interior Designer & Photographer - Shed Tiny House

One look at the Garlow family home and it’s tempting to want to clear your schedule and make time for your own DIY remodel. Whether you’re looking for something similar to Garlow's redesign or have an entirely different idea, we’re ready to help bring your vision to life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we’ll get the ball rolling. 

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