Tile Concierge Team at Work

We are your guides to the world of unique and lush tile design. Get to know the team and some of their favorite projects.

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Randi Steingold - Director of Sales + Design

13 Years at Mercury Mosaics

This client was working with amazing designer Emily Pueringer on their mid-century modern home. Their mood board was filled with classic mid-century colors, gold fixtures, and a beautiful aqua-colored stove. The team was inspired: We created a color mood board and that resulted in what you see here.

My design love is mid-century with some eclectic vibes. So, anytime a client wants to go this fun color route, I am all in. This special pattern has now turned into our signature Mid Mod Squares design. Watching this pattern evolve with new color combos is giving me life.


Kitchen Backsplash in Mid Mod Squares | Beverage Bar Wall in 2x6 Subway Tile, 51 Marigold

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Kathleen Williams - Design Consultant

3 Years at Mercury Mosaics

This carriage house’s backsplash blends old and new. The tile was specially curated to fit the theme of the environment: the gold fixtures, the vintage frames and the soft sage paint are perfect companions to the striking tile color palette.

The inspiration was a mid-century look with an English country feel ‚Äď something warm and modern, but neutral to let the accessories of the space shine. The client has noted MC Escher as an inspiration for this cubic look. The structured top/bottom/left of the color pattern also gives the space a more distinct and controlled feel rather than an organic tile placement.


Medium Diamond Tiles - Organic Blend: 65W Amber, 911 Stardust, 205 Cider

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Ashtyn Sibinski - Design Consultant Manager

4 Years at Mercury Mosaics

This client wanted to create a modern bar backsplash to coordinate with her modern condo ‚Äď but with a little bit of edge. It was a unique space to tile: a flat wall/backsplash as well as a column to tile around. We worked together to come up with a minimalist/contemporary design using 2‚ÄĚx6‚ÄĚ Subway Tiles in two patterns, herringbone and stacked, in our Onyx blend.

From the time she received her samples, we designed and completed the order in just a month and it was installed a month later. I loved working on this project because of the simplicity in just how impactful one shape in two colors could be.


2‚ÄĚx6‚ÄĚ Subway Tiles Herringbone | 2‚ÄĚx6‚ÄĚ Subway Tiles Stacked | All in Onyx Blend