Photography by Construction2Style

Furnished with Hand Crafted Finishes

Our tile can pull an entire room together, or simply add a touch of color and texture. The Doro end table from Room & Board incorporates a selection of our signature patterns and colors. It complements other Mercury Mosaics tile you might have in your home, or it can introduce our distinct hand painted ceramics to your space.

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Details Make the Difference

This was a total Minnesota collaboration. Room & Board are our neighbors, and they liked that we source local clay and hand-paint each tile so no two are exactly alike. The metal base of the table is also from a Minneapolis factory.

Images Courtesy of Room & Board

The Doro Comes in Three Colors, Patterns, & Sizes

The Diamond pattern here creates a geometric illusion while the Moroccan Fish Scales become an abstract ripple. The color selections range from cool and bright to sleek and earthy.

Images Courtesy of Room & Board
Image Courtesy of Room & Board
Photography by Construction2Style

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Emerald Diamond & Moroccan fish scale

Rust Diamond & Moroccan fish scale