An Artist’s Statement

Mercury Mosaics started in Mercedes Austin’s art studio. She had spent her early career working in a handmade tile shop and refining her trade in Italy. Then her entrepreneurial spirit took the wheel.

The driving force behind Mercury Mosaics is a steadfast conviction: that an artist shouldn’t have to starve to create their masterworks.

Mercury Mosaics has always been a bootstrapped operation. The first kiln was funded by Mercedes’ tax return and the proceeds from selling an extensive rare CD collection. She managed to turn her art into a thriving business, and now a one-woman show is a complex orchestration of dedicated craftspeople.



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Our Commitment

It’s in our hearts to stand in solidarity against systemic violence towards black communities. We are committed to actively fighting against a racist status quo, and that fight starts right here in our own company. We are listening, we are learning and we are committed.

Industrial Evolution

Our massive 15,000 square foot factory is proof that everything old can be new again. Our headquarters has a deep history and a bold future in a great American city. Our output is a product of our passion, and a happy work environment is key. With high ceilings and bright windows, we’re making clay while the sun shines.

Our Team

Now thirty humans and two canines strong, our team is the most hard-working, fun-loving and creative group you'll ever meet! Busy providing help and service in any way we can, our care for our customers equals that for our hand crafted product, adding joy and beauty to every space.

Our Tile Artisans