Pencil Liner Trim 11 Deco White, pencil liner tile trim, white pencil liner tile trim
pencil liner tile 11 Deco White, pencil liner tile trim
matte black pencil tile trim, black pencil tile kitchen backsplash
turquoise blue kitchen tile backsplash, turquoise blue pencil liner tile trim kitchen
turquoise blue subway tile backsplash
black pencil tile trim, black pencil trim kitchen backsplash
pencil liner tile, pencil liner tile trim

Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or monitor settings. We always suggest ordering samples. Learn more about ordering samples here.

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Pencil Liner - 11 Deco White

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11 Deco White

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Due to each batch being made by the hands of a tile artisan, variation in color is natural, expected and part of the tile.

Product Description

11 Deco White is a soft white glaze with an opaque glossy finish and low variation.

The round edge of our Pencil Liner tile creates a smooth way for your tile pattern to end - intentionally. It's a detail that adds a finishing touch when your tile pattern ends in the middle of a wall. It can also be used to curve around a corner.

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Each piece in our Trim collection is sized and glazed by hand in-studio, giving it unmatched depth, variation, and texture. Use them to create a finishing edge to your tiled space, or frame mosaics.

How the Tile Gets Styled

A Notable Difference

Our analog process isn’t about nostalgia for the old ways. It’s a commitment to the way tile should always be made. We aren’t the only ones who care. To our customers, a better tile makes a massive difference in the spaces where they reside.

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