Trendy Tile Designs Inspired by One Custom Backsplash

Trendy Tile Designs Inspired by One Custom Backsplash

When we designed this backsplash with the amazing team at Construction2Style, we had no idea how many projects it would come to inspire. This "wavy" backsplash has since taken the design world by storm. From backsplashes, to fireplaces, to hair salons, we've compiled a list of our favorite projects in this style, each with a unique twist. Read on to see trendy tile designs inspired by one custom backsplash! 

The Inspiration

The inspiration came from this beautifully bold and wavy backsplash we worked on with Construction2Style. There are a few key elements to this project that have together proven to create some seriously stunning designs.

1. The River

The "river" of diamonds starting at the base of the backsplash and flowing up through the hood had quickly become a customer favorite. The glaze colors are a blend of our most popular neutrals in a gradient of white to black. While these colors are tried and true, we have seen this wave pattern beautifully executed with other palettes as well.

2. Mixed Tile Shapes

This design was one of our first projects to experiment with interlaying field tile with diamonds. It adds an extra layer that makes the overall design look like a piece of art. The way the Subway Tile perfectly fits into the wave of the Diamonds is eye-catching and dynamic. A 

3. Organic Edging

Last but not least, the organic edging at the top of the backsplash was designed to mirror the ceiling shape and rise to the range hood. We edge-glazed the exposed tile to create a polished finish. This adventurous look creates a bold and awe-inspiring design that is 100% unique and personalized to you and your home. 

2”x6” - 130 White. Medium Diamonds - 130 White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 815W Light Grey, 155 Steel, 912W Cloudy Sky, 366 Satin Black, 613 Black 2"x6" Subway Tile - 130 White.
Photography: Chelsie Lopez Productions

1. Get Creative with Shapes

Another project designed by the amazing team at Construction2style was that of WCCO news anchor and food critic, Jason DeRusha. What started with a simple, standard design quickly turned into a bold kitchen backsplash for the ages. 

Aiming to add more personality to an already dramatic color scheme of dark blues and shiny silvers, we thought, why not mix shapes? Mixing shapes is one of our new favorite design inspirations. The way the Medium Diamonds fit perfectly into the Large Hexagons takes the overall design to the next level. 

For more ways to mix shapes, visit our blog "7 Modern Ways to Mix and Match Tile Shapes"

Geo-Hex Pattern - 1013 Denim. Medium Diamonds - 22E Blue Opal, 155 Steel, 60 Silver Lining.
Photography: Chelsie Lopez Productions

2. Add Custom Lettering

One way to truly make this design your own is to add custom lettering. Mosaic tiled typography is a beautiful and inspiring way to communicate to those who enter your space. Whether it's for branding a commercial project or for personalizing your home, our handmade ceramic tile is the perfect material for tile lettering. Retailworks Inc.branding, design and display firm chose to add "Espresso Yourself" to their kitchen break area to inspire their employees.

For more on custom tile lettering, visit our blog "11 Ways to Creative Beautiful Tiled Lettering with Mosaics"

Large Diamonds - 11 Deco White, 130 White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 155 Steel, 1025 Heirloom Silver, 29E Lake Superior, 1015E Caribbean Blue.
Photography: Retailworks Inc.

3. Go with Matte

While you usually want diamonds to shine, this kitchen proves that matte black Diamonds can be absolutely brilliant! This beautiful backsplash offers a modern and sleek sophistication to a custom project with personality. It shows that you can go unique and bold while maintaining a timeless look by using a neutral palette.

For more on this bold backsplash, visit our blog "Modern Matte Black Kitchen Backsplash"

Medium Diamonds - 366 Satin Black, 613 Black, 60 Silver Lining, 77E Grey, 11 Deco White, 155 Steel

4. Make it Pop

A unique twist on the Construction2Style design, this backsplash welcomes pops of warm colors through the river. While people are usually attracted to a palette of whites and greys for this custom look, this project proves that you can add a splash of color without overpowering the space. Paired with gold hardware, the warm hues of this backsplash tie the whole kitchen together.

For more ways to incorporate color, visit our blog "6 Ways to Use Warm Hues in your tile Renovation"

Medium Diamonds - 301 Marshmallow, 83 Tip Taupe, 815R Ash, 910R Desert, 132 Jewel Brown, 65R Amber, 906R Burnt Sugar, 1072 Baroque Gold. 2"x6" Subway - 11 Deco White. 
Photography: Ryan Stechschulte

5. Think Outside the Box

There's no need to limit yourself to a kitchen backsplash. This wavy design gives you so much creative freedom to play around with different areas of your home. This three sided fireplace designed by Construction2Style was the perfect place to experiment with a river of diamonds flowing from one wall to the next. 

For more fireplace place designs, visit our blog "10 Ways to Use Ceramic Tile for Your Fireplace Surround"

3”x6” Subway Tile: 155 Steel Medium Diamonds: 913 Old Copper, 220 Sooty Grey, 613 Black, 130 White, 155 Steel, 928 Oxblood, 65W Amber, 956 Smoke N Mirrors, 47 Vermont Pine, 1036W Bluegrass, 1025 Heirloom Silver.
Photography: Chelsie Lopez Productions

6. Make a Statement

Can you imagine looking up at this backsplash while getting your hair cut? This one-of-a-kind design located at Steller Hair Co has all the elements to make this a beautifully bold rendition of the inspired backsplash. It has a colorful, iridescent river of Large Hexagons intermixed with Medium Diamonds that flows in between dark, matte black cabinetry. It has custom lettering in the bottom right corner that says "Come As You Are" to remind everyone that they are welcome just as they are. And last but not least, it has an organic edge-glazed top which adds an extra textural element.

For more on this beautiful backsplash, visit our blog "Steller Backsplash Full of Personality"

Geo-Hex Pattern - 1025 Heirloom Silver, 155 Steel, 613 Black, 366 Satin Black. River - 28 Everglades, 75 Emerald, 1016 Costa Rica, 1011 Royal Purple, 33 Vivid Blue, 1013 Denim, 615 Purple Plum, 906W Burnt Sugar, 1023 Butter Toffee, 1015E Caribbean Blue, 244 Blue Green, 1062 Light Kiwi, 1065 Mint Julep, 20 Light Blue, 12R Blue Bell, 214 Coastal Breeze.

7. Don't Limit Yourself

Sometimes more is more and that's definitely the case with this gorgeously designed Andrea Bartholick backsplash. Instead of a narrow river flowing through the range hood, this client decided to take the risk and make the majority of the backsplash diamonds with a subtle ombre. Instead of enclosing the wave on both sides with Subway Tile, it is only on the left side to allow more space for colorful Diamonds. 

For more ways to use our Diamond tile, visit "Diamonds Tile, Small, Medium, Large"

Medium Diamonds - 130 White, 60 Silver Lining, 815W Light Grey, 912W Cloudy Sky, 1013 Denim, 155 Steel, 366 Satin Black. 
Photography - Andrea Bartholick Pace

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