Tile Trim 101 - Tile Edging Options

Tile Trim 101 - Tile Edging Options

Choosing custom tiles is hard enough and the nitty-gritty details of trim can be overwhelming. We're here to make tile edging easy. Finishing pieces can make a huge impact on the overall design of your tile and we want to ensure our clients love their tile from beginning to end. Here are 8 ways of installing tile trim with our finishing options including bullnose tile, chair rails, v-caps, flat liners, pencil liners, edge glaze and cove base...

1. Edge Glaze

No finishing concept is quite as creative as organic edging. This ingenious option gives your tile a life of it's own, naturally transitioning into the rest of the room. If organic edging is something you're interested in, be sure to ask about edge glazing. 

For more organic edging ideas, visit out blog "Creative Tile Finishing Ideas with Organic Edging"

Medium Diamonds - 613 Black, 366 Satin Black

2. Chair Rails

Historically, the function of Chair Rail trim was exactly as it sounds - to keep chairs from scuffing the walls. Since then, this traditional type of tile trim has evolved into much more than a simple chair barrier. Providing a sophisticated and architectural look that has more depth than a flat tile, this trim is often used to frame stove splashes or other mosaic designs.

To see more stove splash eye-candy, visit our blog "5 Stunning Stove Splashes Your Kitchen Needs"

2"x4" Subway Tile & Chair Rails - 301 MarshmallowBubbles - 11 Deco White301 Marshmallow60 Silver Lining77E Grey.

3. V-Caps

V-Caps are the only finishing piece that can be used to completely cover perpendicular corners. Think windowsills, shower niches or even a shower partition. Our friend Leslie from The Leslie Style used V-Caps in 22E Blue Opal to frame her kitchen window. As she so flawlessly states it in her blog "V-Caps help to keep the backsplash continuously running and feeling super polished."

To see more of this dreamy kitchen, visit our blog "Herringbone Backsplash - One Room Challenge by Leslie Style." Or read about where to place your shower niche.

Vcaps2"x6" Subway Tile, V-Caps - 22E Blue Opal.
Photography - The Leslie Style

4. Flat Liners

Flat Liners are flat, long pieces of tile used to frame statement pieces such as stove splash patterns or mosaics. They are also perfect for lining backsplashes and floor tile––the ideal mosaic tile edging. Upon request, we can glaze the edges for a clean, sleek look.

For more diamond designs, check out our blog "10 Unique Diamond Tile Designs"

Large Diamonds - 130 White, 815W Light Grey. 1"x6" Flat Liners - 39 London Fog

5. Pencil Liners

Pencil liners are another option that are used to transition from one tile shape to another. They can also be used to move from tile to exposed wall. There are two main differences between flat liners and pencil liners. First, pencil liners already come completely glazed so there's no need for edge glazing. Second, pencil liners provide more depth than flat liners. That being said, we don't recommend pencil liners for floors because who wants to stub their toe on tile? Not us! 

To see more of this gorgeous kitchen, head over to "Dream Kitchen for Baking Tile Inspired Cookies"

3”x8”, 2"x4" Subway Tile & Pencil Liners - 1065 Mint Julep.

6. Bullnose

Bullnose tile is the most diverse option when it comes to finishing pieces. One edge curves around a perpendicular corner to seamlessly fit into the side of your tile. Bullnose tile can be a variety of sizes and can be used in a multitude of situations including corners of walls, shower niches, windowsills, and countertops. If you're curious about bullnose options, chances are we can make it work. Just ask! 

To learn more about bathroom niches, head over to our blog "How to Plan for Your Bathroom Niche"

3"x8" Subway Tile and 3"x8" Bullnose - 12W Blue Bell.

7. Quarter Rounds

Quarter Rounds are another finishing tile that are exactly as they sound. This trim is 1/4 round meaning they are another option for smoothly scaling an exposed perpendicular edge. This type of tile trim is often used in bathroom settings because quarter rounds are perfect for edges that would benefit from being round rather than sharp such as shower divides, benches, or countertops.

3"x8" Subway Tile, 3"x8" Bullnose, 1"x6" Quarter Rounds - 216 Sea Glass.
Photography - Kimberly Butchko Designs 

8. Cove Base

Cove base finishing tile is used to seamlessly transition from wall tile to floor. The specific piece is the best of both worlds: visually appealing and functional. Cove base tile is especially useful in showers because it covers the floor joint, keeping moisture from seeping into the walls and floors.

For more on the Bachelor Farmer Cafe project, visit our blog  "Behind the Bachelor Farmer Cafe Tile"

Medium Diamonds – 60 Silver Lining45R My Blue Heaven11 Deco White18 Bright BlueCove Base - 61 Navy 

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