Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles - 11 Ways to incorporate your favorite Mermaid Shape!

Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles - 11 Ways to incorporate your favorite Mermaid Shape!

One color + one shape with limitless applications!

Shape: Moroccan Fish Scales

Size: Large

Color: 1017E Sea Mist


It's time to tour through a wide variety of projects for clients of all walks of life who have embraced one shape of tile in the same color, each putting their own personal twist on it. The result is that no two projects are exactly alike! And, yes, this is only one glaze color in this blog, all those shades within each image below are all shades of the same glaze. Seriously, we're not joking. We never joke about tile. It all started with this inspiration shower, one shower started a movement for many!

Sea Green Shower Tile

green fish scale shower

This is a shower feature wall in a bathroom renovation. The goal was to have a splash of color in the space. Modern amenities were added like: double sink, glass shower walls, shower niche, large format porcelain tile on all remaining walls, large hexagon tile floors & recessed lighting.

Overall dimensions: 31” wide x 75” high

Quantity: 20 square feet, includes 20% overage for cuts


Sea Mist Accent Shower WallMermaid Sink Tile

Mermaid Feature wall in a traditional bathroom refresh. Accent tied into the sink area.

Tips up for that sea-inspired look. Bathroom amenities include: double sink, multiple shower heads, chandelier, shower niche, ensuite washer/dryer, natural light & lots of cabinet storage.


feature wall =  41” wide x 92.5” high

Sink splash = 90” wide x 7” high 

Quantity: 37 square feet, includes 20% overage for cuts

Mermaid Wall of tile

Epic Feature wall with an arched window to mimic a ship. In this modern bathroom renovation, Moroccan Fish Scales are installed tips up to accentuate the mermaid-look. Bathroom amenities include: artisan-designed glass sink, Multiple shower heads, 2 shower niches, natural light, lots of cabinet storage. 

Feature wall =  90” wide x 90” high

Quantity: 69 square feet, includes 20% overage for cuts – extra for the waste to continue tile pattern into the window depth.


Technical note, the installer used a Schluter Schiene Edge Profile to finish the exposure of the tiles off. The type is radius to achieve the bend. Read more about this product here


Shop our easy-to-install-Sheets of Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles HERE.

These stunning fish scale mosaics are sold on interlocking, easy-to-install sheets for swift install.

Scalloped Tile Wall


Mermaid Shower

Sea Mist Detail

Colorful fish scale tile backsplash in this natural-light flooded master bath. Working with a modern beach theme, adding the texture to the floor with natural pebble tiles. A slim drain accentuates the long space. Moroccan Fish Scale tiles are oriented tips up as an homage to the mermaid-look. Notice how in this setting, with frosted glass surrounding the fish scale mosaic tile, the finish impacts the gloss of the tile – it looks as though this patterned wall tile has a satin finish. Surrounding materials, type of light that’s reflected on the surface – all these elements have an impact on how the fish scale tile backsplash looks.    

Two feature walls (one not shown) =  36” wide x 96” high x 2 walls

Quantity: 65 square feet, includes 20% overage*

*also added 55 pieces of 3x8 bullnose, rounded on 3” edge for the curb

Moroccan Fish Scales Tub Wall

Inspired by good vibrations & fun at the beach, we have a feature wall splashed full of our scalloped tiles – tips side up. The newly renovated guest quarters of this home even sport the Official Fabulous Oversized Retro Sunglasses.

The lighting in this space is a touch on the side of yellow, causing the fish scale tiles to show up greener in these surroundings. Note the simplicity of the shower curtain and the simple, curved shower curtain rod widening the shower area – just a bit. These are small, affordable details to make your shower oasis as enjoyable as possible.   

Feature wall =  72.5” wide x 60” high

Quantity: 36 square feet, includes 20% overage


An oasis for a poet who’s muse is mermaids & the sea, naturally our fish scale ceramic tiles made their way to this serene space. Flooded with natural light from the skylight above, this oasis is nestled inside a time-honored Brooklyn Brownstone. With features of a classic clawfoot tub and details like a niche tucked beside the basin time for self care is a breeze.  Adding the plumbing right on top of the tile creates such a statement and highlights the two materials. We're such fans of layering different metals, ceramics, stones, think about the different surfaces that make up this space and just notice how well they work together. On this one, we also wanted to note this is 25 square feet of tile – the impact of this little tile is a testament to the texture and influence a little color & texture adds to a space. Based on all the white and natural light reflecting on the tile here, the Sea Mist translates to be very green. 

Feature wall =  75” wide x 40” high

Quantity: 25 square feet, includes 20% overage 

Fish Scale Tiles with Claw Foot Tub

Green Fish Scale Tile Wall


Fish Scale Tile Wall

This project is the inverse of the sunglasses mirror bathroom with the tips side down. The way you orient the fish scale tiles is totally a preference, there is no right answer, there’s simply what’s right for you. We wanted to put your attention, in this one, on how blue our Sea Mist tile looks… there’s no direct natural or artificial light on these beauties… there’s pure white commercial subway tile and paint, with very subtle blue undertones along with a white porcelain soaker tub. We also wanted to take a moment of silence to pay respect to this incredible piece of plumbing that these homeowners get to shower with each morning!  

Feature wall =  50” wide x 65” high

Quantity: 27 square feet, includes 20% overage

Fish Scale Tile Wall

Penny Round Shower Floor


Clean, modern and sleek, this feature wall incorporates our beloved fish scale patterned tile tips side up. Showing you all these different ways to use our sea-inspired color palette, we wanted you to feel a little more comfortable calculating tile quantities. You wonder: how many square feet of tile do I need? For each of these projects we’ve included the math worksheet. Did any of you ever take geometry or algebra in school? Remember the teacher not accepting “just an answer”… they wanted to see the work behind what arrived you to the answer? Well, there you go! How to calculate square footage for a tile project? We’ve got you covered. Keep it simple. Width of the wall multiplied by the height of the wall in inches – this will give you total square inches. To translate this into square feet, simply divide by 144 inches. Why? Because one square foot is equivalent to 12 inches multiplied by twelve inches. We hope no one is having horrible flash backs, but rather appreciating all those math classes you were wondering if you’d ever use them in real life.

“Thank you Mr. Tempte & Mr. George of Washburn High School!”

~Mercedes Austin 

Feature wall =  52.5” wide x 82.5” high

Quantity: 36 square feet, includes 20% overage 

Mermaid Shower Niche

Shower niches are an amazing detail, they add such value to your bathroom. Basically, this is a storage space for: shampoos, soaps, razors, etc. You can use our tile only for this spot or as an addition to your focal wall. I mean, we can talk to you all day about this detail – it really adds another high end element to the shower – kiss those plastic storage caddies good bye!

Read more about this architectural detail here on the blog.

Shower Niche =  20” wide x 12” high

Quantity: 3 square feet, includes 20% overage + another square foot for good measure… literally!

Double Shower Niche Planning

We have to show you this adorable double niche.The main wall is covered in our Sea Mist Fish Scales, tips side up. These homeowners added a dash of our Small Moroccan Fish Scales in Multiple colors. We transitioned the niche with an architectural detail called a ¾” V Cap. This gracefully covers the exposed outer edges of the double niches. V Cap color: 1017E Sea Mist, of course to pull it all together.

Our client’s contractor got a pre-fab shower niche from the local hardware store as a starting point on this one.

Ok, we had to take that niche concept a step further… here we go: feature wall, tips up. Niche detail: Small Moroccan Fish Scales… are they the cutest thing you ever saw? Yes, we are biased, but can you blame us?!



Bluestone Lane Cafe

Bluestone Lane Cafe Interior

Our Fish Scales are making their way into main stream coffee & wine bars across the US. An award-winning Bluestone Lane adorns this front NYC counter with our sea-inspired mainstay. Concrete countertops, brass details and statement lighting really highlight these nautical delights! 

So, check out the math, we’ve made this much of an impact with about 40 square feet of tile. How is this even possible? We’ll let you ponder this one… and while you’re pondering, grab a sample of this and see for yourself:

Large Sea Mist Moroccan Fish Scale 

*Scroll down to GET A SAMPLE once you're on the page & have fun!

Feeling inspired? Let's get this tile fired.

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  • Kieren Overy

    I’m a tiler from Australia, I’ve been looking on the web for an effective way to cut fish scale tiles straight, since there’s no straight or constant part of the tile to measure of for a cut, and since they’re handmade tiles, which is nice to know when you’re buying the tiles, but when it comes to laying level and plumb, it’s a nightmare. Yes they’re round on all sides and hip, but you still have to cut to something that’s straight, ie. wall, cabinet, bench top. Being mesh back mosaics you want the tiles to be all the same, coz if you try to straighten them after first putting them onto your substraight it’s going to move the whole sheet, yes it’s a nice thought them all being unique works of art, but it’s the worst look when something that should be level and plumb, is not.
    The only way I can think of getting constant straight and accurate cuts is making a jig to put your tiles up against when positioning them on your cutter.
    One thing I’d advise if people do decide to go with fishscale tiles is to avoid at all costs cutting in the middle of the tile. Those points are almost impossible to cut without one side splitting and resulting in losing that tile.

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