Our Most Popular Glossy Green Glazes

Our Most Popular Glossy Green Glazes

Greens are taking over in the design world and we couldn’t be more excited, because well, we like to think we have a green thumb when it comes to tile. From the hand cut clay to the hand brushed tiles, our green glazes come out of the kiln with character, depth, and variation that leaves us speechless every time. Here’s the run down on our three most popular glossy green glazed ceramic tiles…

Things to Consider

1. Clay Body

Ever notice an “E”, “W”, or “R” after the numbers of our glazes? Those letters aren’t typos-  they stand for the three clay bodies we use. We note this in our color palette because the type of clay used effects the overall appearance of each glaze.

E is White Earthenware clay. It’s smooth, almost like porcelain.
W is for White Sculpture clay. It has a coarse consistency and conveys more texture and subtle dimension in the glaze finish.
R is for Red Sculpture clay. Also coarse in consistency, it has a reddish rust color which contributes to the tone of each glaze applied.

For more on clay body type, visit our blog "3 Things to Consider When Choosing Glaze Color"

2. Glaze Finish

Our collection of glazes have a variety of finishes: matte, satin, crackle or glossy. Each finish has its own personality and reflects light differently. 

Matte glazes have a subtle, earthy feel, with a flat finish.
Satin is a nice, smooth finish with a slight sheen when caught by the light.
Crackle glazes offer a textured feel with a usually higher glaze variation.
Glossy glazes reflect the most light, which brightens any space, allowing the colors to pop.

For more on choosing tile type, visit our blog "How to Choose the Right Tile Type"

Bluegrass Glazed TileAssorted Shapes - 75 Emerald.

3. Variation

We always say that our tile is magical but it’s not exactly magic that creates this character. From the amount of glaze applied and the direction of the brushstrokes, to the temperature at which they are fired in the kiln, our glaze variation is dependent on human hands. Each tile is perfectly imperfect,  meaning that the shade or hue is slightly different from one to the next. This character is what creates magical spaces full of personality that you just can’t get from bland, big box tiles.

For more on tile variation, visit our blog "Fall in Love with the Variation of Handmade Tile"

green diamond tile floorMedium Diamonds - 47 Vermont Pine75 Emerald.

The Greens

1. 47 Vermont Pine

With a subtle iridescent finish, these tiles shine brighter than most. 47 Vermont Pine is our purest of greens because it rarely crosses into teal territory. This glaze can encompass anything from deep forest to gleaming pine greens. 

Clay body: Earthenware Clay

Finish: Glossy

Variation: Medium

Pro tip: Consider lighting when choosing tile. The warmer your lighting, the warmer the tile will appear. On the other hand, with cooler or natural lighting, your tile will appear much cooler.

Emerald Green TilesTop: Large Hexagons - 47 Vermont Pine. Photography - Alexis Spawling Interiors.
Middle: 3"x8" Subway Tile - 47 Vermont Pine. Photography - Auction House Market.
Bottom: Medium Diamonds - 47 Vermont Pine. Large Hexagons - 47 Vermont Pine.

2. 75 Emerald

This glaze color slips into the teal territory quite often. These 75 Emerald beauties come out of the kiln ranging anywhere from smooth emeralds to deep teals. With a polished and silky finish, these tiles are unbeatable.

Clay body: Earthenware Clay

Finish: Glossy

Variation: High

Pro tip: Think about tile shape and size when considering how your tile will look. Larger shaped tiles often have a lighter shade because the glaze has a larger surface area to cover. Conversely, smaller shaped tiles often have deeper and darker shades because of the smaller surface area. 

Emerald Green Glazes
Top: 2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 75 Emerald. Photography: Bari J.
Middle: Medium Diamonds - 75 Emerald. Photography: Alyssa Lee Photography.
Bottom: 2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 75 Emerald. Photography: Pencil Shavings Studio.
Medium Diamonds - 75 Emerald . Photography: Alyssa Lee Photography.

3. 1036W Bluegrass

1036W Bluegrass has a slightly gritty texture that adds an extra layer of dimension and personality.

Clay body: White Sculpture Clay

Finish: Glossy

Variation: High

Pro tip: Samples, samples, samples! We highly recommend purchasing samples before placing your order. If you've never used handmade tile, it's quite different from machine made tile. We want to make sure you love the imperfections and variation that comes along with our handmade tile.

1036W Bluegrass GlazeTop: Large Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass. Photography: RD Studio Inc.
Bottom: Small Hexagons - 1036W Bluegrass. Photography: 188 Sqft.
3"x6" Subway Tile - 1036W Bluegrass. Photography: Jody Kivort.


Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Did this dazzling diamond kitchen backsplash give you any ideas? Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling

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