Fall in Love with the Variation of Handmade Tile

Fall in Love with the Variation of Handmade Tile

There's a lot of beautiful tile out there, but one of the most unique elements to ours is the variation in our glaze. Each tile is hand-painted by our talented Tile Elves creating stunning detail to each piece. While each glaze has a different degree of variation, this technique creates a stunning organic look to your final piece, sometimes even showing off individual brush strokes. Be ready to fall in love with the details behind handcrafted tile products and learn how special our tile variation can be.

Learn about all the factors to consider when choosing a glaze color with this blog "Choosing a Ceramic Glaze Color: 3 Things to Consider"

Here's a Tile Elf glazing our Medium Moroccan Fish Scales:

Hand Painting Ceramic Tile

This is our 1065 Mint Julep color. This glaze color has a naturally occurring high variation - so depending on the thickness of the glaze painted on, it can include all of the hues below:

Mint Julep Variation

This is our 713 Peacock Green glaze color. Unlike the glaze in the image above, this glaze creates bursts of color regardless of it's application. A truly unique way to add color to your home:

Peacock Green Ceramic Glaze

Bright Blue Floor Tile

This glaze color is inspired by the sea, just like bright blue waves on a sunny day, these Moroccan Fish Scales have beautiful variation. If you visit our color palette page and click on a glaze color, a pop-up with more detail will appear. Here you will find the variation of the glaze color including low, medium, and high variations. Caribbean Blue is considered medium variation, giving it an organic coloration without a variety of shades without a huge range of hues. 

Large Moroccan Fish Scales 1015 Caribbean Blue Tile Floor

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1015 Caribbean Blue (outdoor clay body).

Tile with Brush-Stroke Texture

130 White is a high variation glaze, not only do you see a variety of shades and hues, but you can see the individual brush strokes. High variation glazes offer a beautiful depth to your tile installation. We love this project where it was paired with a low variation glaze to take it to the next level. 

130 White Hexagon Backsplash

Small Hexagons - 130 White, 11 Deco White.

Burst of Ceramic Tile Color

A handful of our glaze colors react beautifully to their time in the kiln by create bright bursts of color. In 713 Peacock Green, these bursts add blue and light green color to each handcrafted tile. A very cool way to work with this duo-toned glaze is to match the color bursts with additional glaze colors. In the example below they added 1062 Light Kiwi and 1017E Sea Mist to mirror the colors in the high variation 713 Peacock Green.

Bright Bathroom Backsplash

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 1062 Light Kiwi, 713 Peacock Green, 1017E Sea Mist. Photo credit: @breezin_along

Top Tile Combination: Sea Mist Moroccan Fish Scales

This is our most popular shape and glaze combination, and for good reason! The blue/green glaze variation in scalloped tile will have you feeling like a mermaid. We wrote a whole blog dedicated to this combination "Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles - 11 Ways to Incorporate Your Favorite Mermaid Shape!"

Moroccan Fish Scale Shower

Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 1017E Sea Mist.

Tiled Floor with Warm Amber Hues

Feel like you're walking on sunshine with warm-hued floor tile. The glossy glaze finish of this 65W Amber offers additional variation by picking up the light in the space in a gorgeous way. Adding ceramic tile to your floor is a great way to make a room feel truly special. 

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales 65W Amber Tile Floor

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 65W Amber. Photo Credit: @plaidpoppy

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are definitely a girl's best friend when paired with 913 Old Copper. The matte finish coupled with high variation offers a sophisticated route to your ceramic tile choice. The texture doesn't let light reflect on it, stabilizing the color throughout lighting conditions and amplifying the variation and subtle brush strokes. 

Medium Diamonds 913 Old Copper Handmade Tile

Medium Diamonds - 913 Old Copper


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