Before & After: Emerald Bohemian Kitchen

Before & After: Emerald Bohemian Kitchen

Bari J. is the visual mastermind behind ever-growing product lines with remarkable expressive style that explodes with pattern and color you can’t miss including, fabric, stationery, wall paper, and home decor. Everything she makes is uniquely graced by her "Curated Maximalist" aesthetic. We couldn't be happier to have her eye for design surround our tile in her stunning bohemian style kitchen. Read about her style, process, and lessons learned from her major kitchen remodel

Before & After Bari J

Step 1: Collecting Inspiration

Like any good designer, Bari started her design journey by collecting inspiration. It's easy to get stuck with decision inertia by all of the options out there, but Bari has created a pretty good system for coordinating her look. She had a bohemian style kitchen board on Pinterest for a year before her remodel. Adding to it sporadically, once she was ready to plunge into her renovation, she looked back to see the "through line" or the common elements in her inspiration. By reflecting on her inspiration and condensing it into it's strongest theme, she was able to keep her look cohesive and curated. 

Bari is the queen of green. An avid collector of Tamegroute Pottery, she was on the hunt for the perfect green tile for a long time. She wanted it to have a hint of blue, but read green. Not pine. Not sage. That perfect green...which lucky for us, was 75 Emerald.

Bari J Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

Step 2: Putting it Together

Key to her maximalist style, Bari is amazingly talented at layering color, texture, and pattern. When asked the trick to her style, she assured us that it's experimental learning. The only way to master it is by trying, failing, trying again, and finally succeeding.

One way she practiced this skill was by sewing handbags out of scraps of fabric she had lying around. She would pull a scrap from the bag, and whatever it was she would make herself sew it to the bag. This was a great lesson for her to learn how elements that seemingly don't go together can look more beautiful than anything planned. Maximalism is all about having fun after all!

Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash

Step 3: Managing a Remodel

A rockstar remodeler, we couldn't believe how involved Bari was in every detail of her bohemian style kitchen. From coordinating contractors to purchasing and examining sample, after sample, after sample...she clearly knew what she was doing. At the same time, she learned a lot from being so involved in the process, here are some of our favorite tips from her experience. 

1. Don't compromise on the details. 

Even when you're exhausted from planning - it's not worth the short term relief if you're going to have something about your install that will bug you for years to come. Make sure the details are perfectly to your liking.

2. Pick appliances & cabinetry first. 

Appliances & cabinets are often the most expensive part of your kitchen. Pick these items first and everything else will fall into place. It will also help you manage your budget to decide on the items with the bigger price tag first!

3. Stand up for yourself. 

Every contractor has their way of doing things, make sure you're watching and communicating every detail that matters to you. If they don't do something right, have them fix it - circling back to lesson #1. 

4. Take 2-3 days after demolition to re-evaluate your space before install.

You won't believe how different your space looks after demolition. Last minute changes can be inevitable after seeing your room for the blank slate it is. Take time to not feel rushed and plan any updates that are needed.

5. Make a spreadsheet to keep track of everything.

Stop racing through the list in your mind and put it in a spreadsheet or an organized to-do list. This is great for communication with contractors, keeping track of budget, and of course, your sanity through a remodel. 

6. It takes a little bit of ballsiness. 

How do you achieve Bari's jaw-dropping style? She says, it takes a bit of ballsiness. Enjoy expressing yourself in your home and playing with bright colors and unique textures. We agree - preach it Bari, preach it!!!


Bari J Kitchen Backsplash

Get the look yourself! 

This 2"x6" Subway Tile in 75 Emerald is available on our online shop! 

Want more interior maximalism inspiration? Read our blog "Maximalist Tile Concepts

Learn more about our friend Bari J. here.

2x6 Subway Tile Herringbone Pattern Green Herringbone Tile

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