Eclectic & Unique Designs - Tile Made for Any Style!

Eclectic & Unique Designs - Tile Made for Any Style!

When considering how to express your own personal style through interior design, don’t necessarily get caught in the “play it safe” category. Your own unique style is what will make your home feel special and comfortable to you. From eclectic design styles to the bold and the beautiful, we are covering all the gorgeous ways you can be unique when creating your dream space. People can see authenticity, even in design choices, and are much more drawn to spaces that show something DIFFERENT. Continue reading to see eclectic and unique tile designs.

1. Earthy Landscapes

Not every artistic depiction of a landscape needs to be put in a frame. This custom Hexagon mosaic is an incredible example of combining fine art with tile. The rolling hills and custom colors create an earthy backdrop that is tasteful, yet impressive. The hexagons keep this piece looking classic while enhancing the landscape scene by adding dimension and character. 

Custom Mosaic Tile
Custom Cut Large Hexagons - Custom Colors.

2. Psychedelic Geometry

This truly one-of-a-kind piece shows how funky we can get when collaborating with the right people. This client came to us wanting to honor their late father by creating a custom mosaic based on his psychedelic art from the 1970’s. We were honored and excited to have this opportunity to not only create an incredible work of art, but to show that tile can be an expansive artistic medium. Using popular tile shapes like Bubbles and Diamonds, we worked within our repertoire to pay tribute to the piece this was based off of, while showcasing our unique handmade tile. This project was a pure collaboration and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Custom Mosaic Tile
Custom Mosaic - Custom Colors.

3. Sculptural Honeycomb

This project for our friends at Chow Girls Killer Catering was all about breaking up the space in order to maximize the use of our handmade tile. The freeform, Large Hexagon sculpture of tile is a centerpiece for the room; the teal Diamonds add a vibrancy to the warm tones of the rest of the space; and the orange accents throughout really tie the room together. What better way to greet your guests than by having a vibrant and welcoming front reception space.

Mid Century Modern Tiled Reception DeskLarge Hexagons - Custom Colors. Large Diamond Tiles in 1017E Sea Mist, custom color. Photo by lauren b.

4. Bubbles!

One inspiring way we love to express ourselves with tile is through our whimsical line of Bubbles. The varying sizes with offset piercings and ring sets offer an already diverse set of tile shapes with which to work. Here you can see the inherent design of the shapes across a single glaze color. We can't think of a better backdrop for a salon wash station!

Custom Bubbles - 11 Deco Whitecocoon salon
Bubbles and Custom Cut 3"x8" Subway Tile - 11 Deco White.

5. Conversely Bubbles!

Conversely, this bubble design shows the unique capabilities of our Bubble line: The different sizes and colors of Bubbles represent the bathymetry of White Bear Lake in east-central Minnesota. We love working with clients to create unique tile designs. This is truly a one-of-a-kind mosaic that bears repeating. The fade from dark to light creates the illusion of depth, bringing the bathymetric map of the lake to life!

Custom Bubble Tile Mosaic
Custom Bubble Mosaic, 3″x12″ Subway Tile - 913 Old Copper

6. Cultural Inspiration

Inspired by Nordic quilts, this cubist Diamond installation honors Scandinavian heritage while pushing the limits of handmade tile design. The cool palette of greys and whites, with pops of blue and yellow, offer a pleasing warmth we don’t always associate with comfort. The custom placement of our Diamond shape shows that you can work within our standard layouts to create a personalized work of art.

Scandinavian Tile Bar DesignLarge Diamonds – 60 Silver Lining45R My Blue Heaven11 Deco White24 Dandelion18 Bright Blue366 Satin Black.

7. Incomparable Color

Sometimes choosing a distinctive color is all you need to let your personality show through. In this case, varying shades of pink offer a beautiful and unexpected backdrop. The Large Fish Scales add a playful and organic feel to this romantic color, while adding complexity to the design. What is your spirit color?

Pink Moroccan Fish Scale Tile
Large Moroccan Fish Scales - Custom Colors.

8. Namaste

Creating a space that not only reflects your artistic style, but your values and passions as well, is a masterful way to express yourself with handmade tile. This custom mosaic pushes the limits of tactile art while conveying a peaceful message. Show off your inner beauty with the help of our team of open-minded dreamers who, like you, want to make everyday a work of art.

Custom Mosaic Tile

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