A Look to Envy: Green Tile from Backsplash to Bathroom

A Look to Envy: Green Tile from Backsplash to Bathroom

We are green with envy because of how much we love the following green tiled interiors! Green tile not only adds a pop of color in a space, it also fills the area with a sense of life that stays all year round. Keep reading to see 7 green spaces that just might make you envious, too!  

1. Boho Chic Kitchen

We’re kicking things off with this jaw-dropping kitchen backsplash. This glossy, emerald green tile is perfect for those who want a boho inspired space while keeping it elegant and stylish. Pairing a bright glaze color with a fun tile shape or pattern, like this herringbone layout, is the cherry on top! 

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75 Emerald Herringbone Backsplash
2”x6” Herringbone Pattern - 75 Emerald
Interior Design by Rachel Kathryn 

2. Diamond Bar Backsplash

One thing we love about this kitchen is that the dazzling green kitchen tiles are not only used as a stove backsplash, but also as an accent backsplash for the bar! The combination of geometric emerald tile with white cabinets and gold accents makes this space so classic and fun. 

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75 Emerald Diamond Bar Backsplash
Medium Diamonds - 75 Emerald
Interior Design by Emily Pueringer of Quality Cut Design | Remodel
Photography by Alyssa Lee 

3. Cozy Cider Pub Fireplace

Modern and rugged perfectly describes the fireplace at Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill in Billings, MT. This cozy space is a great example of how our 75 Emerald tile, when installed in a darker area, looks deeper and richer. Lighting is crucial when it comes to installing tile, so it’s important to take that into consideration. 

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3x12 Subway Emerald Fireplace
3”x12” Subway Tile - 75 Emerald
At Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill

4. Earthy Toned Entryway

Earth tones for the win! Green tile doesn’t have to be just one toned, it can have multiple hues like this Patina glaze. Ranging from rustic greens and reddish-browns, it's an ideal color for those with a green thumb who love having plants around the house. Plus, it makes for an amazing floor!                                                                                     

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Patina Craftsman Squares Entryway
Small Hexagons - 123R Patina

5. Deep Green Laundry Room

Make laundry time more exciting with a tile that keeps things upbeat and interesting. This bold deep green subway tile has tons of dimension and texture, and is easy to clean and maintain. One perk of handmade tile is that you can see brush strokes, especially with this glaze, which adds a touch of charm!

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Deep Green Herringbone Backsplash
2”x6” Herringbone Pattern - 28 Everglades
Interior Design and Photography by Joinery & Design Co  

6. Green and Gold Bathroom

Green and gold go so perfectly together, it’s like a match made in heaven. This bathroom feels sophisticated and stylish with the darker green tile and gold detailing. If you want to use less tile or have to stick to a strict budget, then having an accent tile is the way to go. I mean, look how sleek this accent tile looks!

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Emerald Hexagon Accent Tile
Large Hexagons - 47 Vermont Pine
General Contracting by Remodeling Chamber

7. Teal Green Shower

Relaxing won’t be hard when you step into this teal green oasis! Create a statement shower by choosing an eye-catching glaze, such as this deep teal and green, and a tile shape that makes a punch. By switching the staggered subway tile to stacked, the space becomes modern and chic. 

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3x8 Subway Emerald Shower Tile
3”x8” Subway Tile - 1036W Bluegrass
Design by Fox Homes & Realty
Photography by Tommy Matthews 


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